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Also at Olympos

Also at Olympos

Sportcentrum Olympos is home to a range of organisations that can be of service to you as sportsman or woman in many ways. Whether it be to improve your performance, to recover from injury, or to create a healthy (sports) diet. Olympos also houses two organisations that represent the interests of student athletes. With their expertise and network, all these organisations contribute to the optimal sports climate at Olympos.

Coaching and advice
Various professionals and organisations are available to offer sports and sports medical coaching and advice to athletes. They can also help you to improve your performance or to recover from an injury in the best possible way. 

NB: With an valid OlymPas or a valid Olympos Membership card you are entitled to a free or discounted consult!


Representation of student athletes 
  • Sports Council Utrecht is housed at Olympos. The Sports Council represent the interests of student athletes. 
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