InspanningLoont – attention to your body always pays  off! Whether you intend to take part in the Science Park Marathon, want to a complete a demanding cycling trip in the mountains or take up any other sportive challenge, you will be asking a great deal from your body. And not just sports but hard work also has an impact on your body. So give it what it needs. InspanningLoont will support you with insights and advice!

At Sportcentrum Olympos, for example, we work closely with the sports physicians at SMA Utrecht and Janneke Pieterson at Sportkeuken.

Would you like to improve your personal sporting performance or your team performance? 
We can offer you:
  • Sports (medical) exertion tests
  • Mental guidance
  • Nutrition guidance in cooperation with Sportkeuken

Free consultation for Olympos athletes
Holders of an OlymPas or a valid Olympos Membership Card can make an appointment for one free sports advice session. 
Call (030) 253 3077 to make an appointment.

Fostering good health in the workplace
Working hard is also an elite sport! You obviously want your team to perform to the best of their abilities. So show your team that you understand their hard efforts and offer them an extensive health check. The check will provide them with insight and advice on how to optimize the balance between their work and private life and provide you with an insight into the team dynamics and risks. A vital and healthy team gets better results. We can support you: with the right focus this will pay itself off  in many ways.

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