Do you want to improve your performance, to feel fitter, to shed weight or to improve your life style? The combination of sports and a healthy diet is the key to your success!  In order to perform well you need the right diet, which suits you and your life style. A proper balance of nutrients, fluids, vitamins and minerals and a good diet planning are essential if you wish to improve your sports performance. Sportkeuken, the sports dieticians practice, can help you with this.

Cookery course 
Sports diets or diets that suit a healthy life style do not have to be dull or less tasty. Both elite athletes and amateurs should be able to eat enjoyable meals. Meals that contain the right ingredients and are easy to prepare. Do you lack cooking skills? Attend a cookery course at Sportkeuken. We will teach you to prepare simple, nice and healthy meals that can help you to improve your sports performance. 

Presentations to sports clubs
Are you and your sports club or team interested in a healthy diet? Sportkeuken is able to provide various presentations about diet and sports, either at Sportcentrum Olympos or on location. Please enquire after our options. 

Workshops for companies
The combination of sports and a healthy diet allows people to feel more fit, to be happier with themselves and to have more self-confidence. Fitter staff means less sick leave. Sportkeuken can inform company staff about a healthy life style. Are you planning a sports day at Sportcentrum Olympos? Perhaps you wish to add the 'fit food’ workshop to your programme.

Sports dietician Janneke Pieterson

Janneke Pieterson is a (sports) dietician in Utrecht. Janneke is also group lesson instructor at Sportcentrum Olympos and has been working for four years as chef for the professional ‘Team Giant-Alpecin’ cycling team during i.a. the Tour de France. In her consultations she combines her passions for both sports and cooking. 

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