× Currently available sports programmes: In line with the government measures and in order to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, Olympos offers a limited (outdoor) sports programmes. Go to this page to check which sports programmes are currently available.

Kids Parties 

Birthday coming up? Wishing to host a fun and original kids party? At Sportcentrum Oympos we organise special sports parties for children. Healthy and active, either inside or outdoors, and with a wide range of options: get taught cool football tricks, play a  knotsball (= game with a rubber ball and a club) or volleyball match, or climbing at our outdoor climbing wall. It’s all possible! 

Sports party
What does your child like best? He / she can choose from:
  • A football party
  • A knotsball party
  • A volleyball party
  • A climbing party*
  • A survival party**

Rates and duration

A football, knotsball, survival or volleyball party costst € 12.50 per child. A climbing party costs € 17.50 per child. A minimum of 8 children applies to all parties. 

A football, knotsball or volleyball party lasts 1.5 hour. A climbing party lasts 2 hours and a survival party 1 hour.



Kids parties at Olympos are supervised by our enthusiastic trainers. The exercises are geared to the children’s ages. For all parties, at least 1 parent or supervisor is present. For climbing parties that is 1 parent / supervisor per 3 children.


Parking and catering

For more information about parking at Olympos, please click here

After the party you can go to our Sports Café for something to eat or drink. Unfortunately you cannot make a reservation for this Please note: it can be very crowded in the Sports Café, especially on weekends.
You can also use the dressing rooms in Olympos if necessary.


More information

For further information about our options, please contact us by phone (030) 253 1667 or E-mail verhuur@olympos.nl. If you clearly indicate the age of the children and the dates and times that you prefer, we can look at the availability of our halls / climbing wall and trainers.


* A climbing party is suitable for children from 7 years. A climbing party takes place on our climbing wall, Kalymnos, next to the P + R. This is an outdoor wall, even in bad weather the party continues.
** A survival party also takes place outside. It is advisable to wear clothing that may become dirty and to bring (dry) spare clothing.

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