Genmab: unlimited access to all sports activities for one year for only € 235,50

Sportcentum Olympos and Genmab – direct neighbours since March 2018 ! – have a partnership. As a result, Genmab staff have the opportunity to purchase the OlymPas – the sports card providing unlimited access to the Olympos sports facilities - at a very interesting discount. It will allow you to make unlimited use of the Olympos sports centre, which boasts the widest range of sports programmes in the province of Utrecht, for a whole year. Move your body, stretch your mind!


What does the OlymPas offer me?

The OlymPas is valid for a whole year and offers you, without extra pay:

Some courses require a small extra fee in addition to the OlymPas, for example because they are intensive small group training sessions, such as the cross challenge, hyrox, SUP and advanced climbing courses.


More information about the various sports programmes and the up-to-date schedules can be found here.


What does the Genmab discount exactly mean?

If you wish to purchase the OlymPas, you will pay € 355,50 (rate category X). In addition to this, you van request a refund of  €120.**  You will therefore have unlimited access for a whole year for only € 235,50.

Your OlymPas and Genmab discount will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. 


** Please submit your declaration form + proof of payment with Genmab.


How to do I buy the OlymPas?

You can purchase the Olympas flexibly at any time during the year. Your OlymPas starts on the date of purchase and expires automatically after one year. 

  • If you previously made use of the Olympos facilities and already have a web account and SCO (membership) number, go to Log in and purchase the OlymPas online (please click here) - payment via iDeal).
  • You can also buy the OlymPas from the Service Desk (PIN or credit card). Please bring a recent salary slip and valid ID to show you are employed with Genmab.
  • If you never made use of the Olympos facilities before, please register first for free on to be sent your login details. Then go to Log in and purchase the OlymPas online (please click here - payment via iDeal).
  • After your purchase, please present yourself at the Service Desk in the hall of the Olympos sports centre. Here you will have your photo taken for your OlymPas. Bring a recent salary slip and valid ID to show you are employed with Genmab and are entitled to the discount. Once you have your own OlymPas you can start getting active!


We wish you lots of active fun and a very healthy and inspiring time at Olympos! 


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