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Olympos promotion: 1 + 1 month free

During these intensive Corona times, Utrecht University is in various ways paying specific attention to student welfare. A healthy body contributes to a healthy mind; you relax by exercising. It's good to get away from your books or screen for a while and loosen up your muscles. You will feel revitalised and energetic, and you get to meet other students. Moreover, sports and exercise improve your mood as well as your resistance.
That's why the Utrecht University is happy to present you with a free additional one-month OlymPas (worth €17.50) when you purchase one right now. 1+1 month free!

How do I make use of this promotion?

If you want to benefit from the discount, please register by filling in your name and email adress in the form (see link below). You can do so until Sunday 27 February 2022 at the latest, and as long as there are places available.  

What happens next? 

  • Upon registration, you will receive an automatic reply, followed (later) by an e-mail from Olympos inviting you to come to the Service Desk (do not come to Olympos before you have received the invitation mail!).
  • The invitation mail will also state what you will have to bring and show at the Service Desk.
  • At the Service Desk, you will pay €17.50 and your OlymPas (+ 1 month free!) will be printed while you wait.
  • You will then immediately be able to enjoy two months of sports activities! 

Conditions for participation

  • You are a student at Utrecht University
  • You do not or no longer possess a valid OlymPas when you come to the Service Desk to activate your OlymPas
  • You can only make use of this promotion once.


What can I use the OlymPas for?

If you take advantage of this promotion, you will be able to enjoy unlimited access to the wide range of sports activities available at Olympos for two months. For example, you will:
  • Have unlimited access to the Olympos gym 
  • Have unlimited access to Kratistos, the fitness and strength sports gym (located directly adjacent to Olympos, at P+R Utrecht Science Park)
  • Be able to participate in more than 60 group lessons each week
  • Have unlimited access to recreational tennis, squash and climbing
  • Be able to sign up for many courses, and more! 

More information about the sports activities offered by Olympos 

Olympos is easily accessible by bicycle, tram, bus and car, and has very long opening hours. Please read the COVID safety rules carefully before coming to Olympos. 
Stay healthy & have fun playing sports!
Call the Service Desk at
(030) 253 4471
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