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Due to tightened guidelines of the national government, and in order to prevent further spreading of the corona virus, Sportcentrum Olympos is closed from today (Friday 13 March) 6 PM until 6 April.



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Pilates for staff

Want to start your day active and fit? This work-out offers the ideal combination of relaxation and intensity. Through a mix of Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, mindfulness and core training, you will be contributing towards a physical and mental balance. The very accessible stretch exercises, movement and postures performed on energetic music are suitable to all. Special focus will be put on your abdominal and back muscles (your “core”). You will soon notice that your flexibility, breathing, concentration and strength improve and that your back, shoulder and neck shoulders become more relaxed. Your body will have found a healthy balance which is an important basis for all your daily routines. Give it a try and experience the benefits during the rest of the day! Lessons end at 8.45 AM allowing you to start your working day energetic and fit at 9 AM!


An OlymPas is required if you want to follow this course. The OlymPas needs to be valid for the whole length of the course. Registration is possible from two week before the start of the course. You can register online, by adding the course to your shopping trolley, or at the Service Desk.

Course periods

This ten-week course will be offered in period 1 to 4
For the schedules (days/hours) of the current or next period, check the red table below. 


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Sportcentrum Olympos

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Period 4
All levels
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