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Squash is a fun, intensive and challenging racket sport. Student Squash club Beat It together with Sportcentrum Olympos provides 10-week courses (10 times 1 hour).   


  • Beginners: You will learn the basic squash techniques such as forehand, backhand, service, drop and volley, and the proper racket and running techniques for your first match. If you have never or hardly ever played before, the beginners’ level is the best level to start with. 
  • Advanced beginners: You will learn to improve the basic forehand, backhand and volley techniques. You will also practice match situations to apply the learnt techniques. If you have occasionally played recreational squash before, this level is the right level for you.   
  • Intermediates: Once you have mastered the basic techniques and / or have been playing recreational squash for a longer time, you may want to start at the semi-advanced level. You will learn additional techniques such as lob and boast and you will practice increasingly challenging match situations.[
  • Advanced: This level is for experienced squash players who may have played competitively or in a league. You will learn to refine your techniques and influence the pace of the rallies. 

At all levels attention will be paid to technique and tactics as well as to fitness and explosiveness. 

Availability and costs
Squash courses are available in periods 1 to 4 (see below). Check the schedule here. A course lasts 10 weeks: one lesson a week.

The course costs € 38.90. A 20% discount applies to US Beat It members: they pay only € 31.35. Membership to US Beat It can be arranged via

When you join the beginners' squash course for the first time, you will also pay €38.90. Once you have attended a minimum of eight course lessons, you will be reimbursed €28.90 at the end of the course. In that case, the course will have cost you only €10! 

Please register via the US Beat It website. You also need a valid OlymPas. In case of oversubscription, lots will be drawn. If you do not get placed, this does not mean that you will be reimbursed the costs of the OlymPas as you will be able to use the pass for many other sports activities. For further information about the conditions and availability, check the course regulations.


Course periods

Squash courses are available in periods 1 to 4 (check the schedule here):

Period 1: Monday 9 September 2019 to Sunday 17 November 2019

Start registration Monday 19 August 2019, registration closes on Sunday 1 September 2019

Period 2: Monday 18 November 2019 to Sunday 9 February 2020

Start registration Monday 28 October 2019, registration closes on Sunday 10 November 2019

Period 3: Monday 10 February 2020 to Sunday 19 April 2020

Start registration Monday 20 January 2020, registration closes on Sunday on 2 February 2020

Period 4: Monday 20 April 2019 to Sunday 28 June 2020

Start registration Monday 30 March 2020, registration closes on Sunday 12 April 2020


What to wear/bring:
  • Your own squash racket (or rent one from the Service Desk)
  • Clean sports shoes that do not mark or damage the floor
  • Light sportswear, short sleeves and shorts or skirt (jacket/sweater for warming-up)
  • Water bottle    

Further information
If you have any questions, please contact us via

Sportcentrum Olympos
Sportcentrum Olympos

Uppsalalaan 3

3584 CT Utrecht


T. (030) 253 4471


Day Time Period Level Instructor Rate A B C & X  
No offers


The OlymPas enables you to play squash for 45 minutes a day, also in the evenings. Booking of a squash court is exclusively possible with an OlymPas, from one week before the time you wish to play. Go to the Service Desk or call (030) 253 4471.


Online purchasing

The OlymPas is required for squash. You can purchase the OlymPas at the Service Desk or online, payment through Ideal. 


NEW!! Squash ladder

Sportcentrum Olympos now introduces an easy way to ‘connect with’ other squash player via mobile or computer. Just check who is available and add your own profile. Join the Olympos ladder competition and play a match at your own level every two weeks (free for OlymPas holders!). 

Click for more information about the squash ladder and free signing up.



  • Remember to bring your own racket and ball!
  • ATTENTION: clean indoor sport shoes are compulsory on the squash courts
  • We hire out rackets at € 5.00 per racket, including a deposit (your Membership Card). 
  • If the racket gets damaged, we will charge € 10.00 on top of the hire charge. 
  • We sell various squash articles from the Service Desk. Please enquire after our range and prices. 
  • Guest-players are welcome. Please purchase an OlymPas Day Pass (€ 10.00) from the Service Desk prior to their participation.
Sportcentrum Olympos
Sportcentrum Olympos

Uppsalalaan 3

3584 CT Utrecht


T. (030) 253 4471


Duration Rate A B C & X  

Squash ladder competition

If you are interested in using your OlymPas for more than recreational squash (free sports) only and wish to play matches at your skill level, you can join the Olympos squash ladder competition. You will be playing a game every two weeks. 

You can ‘connect’ with other players via your mobile device or PC. Just check who is available and add your own profile. 


Registration is FREE if you have a valid OlymPas. Go to or download the free app for iPhone and Android (search for ‘squash ladder’).

How does it work?

Every two weeks a new match round starts and you will be sent an e-mail invitation to join in. You will play against someone of your own skill level who you did not meet in the last three rounds. The actual match day recommendation is based on the availability of both players. 


By the end of the match round, the results will be processed:

  • You will move up the ladder if you beat a player with a higher ranking
  • You will be removed from the ladder if you failed to play twice in a row


Check the full match and scoring regulations.


Free access with the OlymPas
Participation in the Olympos squash ladder competition is free if you are an OlymPas holder. Want to play even more often? Your OlymPas allows you to enjoy unlimited and free recreational squash on our courts too. Obviously, you also have free access to all of the many other sports programmes available with your OlymPas! Click here to view the full range of programmes on offer with the OlymPas.

Duration Rate A B C  
  • kra

US Beat It

Members of US Beat It can expect a social and sporty year! Every week you are welcome to our club evenings (on Thursdays) at Sportcentrum Olympos to have a game against other squash players as well as drink and talk at the Sports Café afterwards. Beat It runs practice sessions for all levels, supervised by very experienced instructors. We also offer the opportunity to take part in internal and external leagues at various levels. 
Sports and social activities
Throughout the year, various tournaments will be organised, as well as other sports and social activities such a pub crawl, an exciting hitch-hiking weekend, a challenging racketlon and the ever great ‘members weekend’. So are you ready for a fanatic, super fun and sporty year?! Join us at Beat It!! 

Membership fees (exclusive OlymPas)
€ 25.00

Further information



Want to become a member?

If you wish to become a member of an SSC, you will have to:

  • Pay membership fees to the club of your choice. The fees may differ per club. 
  • Own a valid OlymPas or Sports Club Card. If you’re in rate category A an OlymPas is required. If you’re in rate category B or C, you can choose between an OlymPas or the Sports Club Card. 
  • Register for free at Olympos as a member of you SSC.


Step 2 and 3 can be done online. If you’re already a member of this SSC, sign up below for this sports club for free by adding the registration to your shopping trolley. Do you wish to become a member, please first click here for more information and which steps you need to follow to register.

Sportcentrum Olympos
Sportcentrum Olympos

Uppsalalaan 3

3584 CT Utrecht


T. (030) 253 4471


Duration Rate A B C & X  
Registration 19-20 whole year € 0.- € 0.- € 0.- Add  
Call the Service Desk at
(030) 253 4471
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