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Swimming: triathlon

Triathlon is a fast-growing sport in the Netherlands in which swimming, running and cycling is combined into a single challenge. Among students in Utrecht, the demand for this sports activity is increasing too. That’s why we now offer swimming practices focused on increasing your front crawl technique and other specific triathlon swimming skills. The initiative to these practices was the result of a collaboration between Sportcentrum Olympos, USZ&WF Het Zinkstuk, the LABC Triathlon Foundation and the Exploitatie Zwembad Krommerijn Foundation.
You can join the practices at any time and discontinue your registration quarterly. To participate in this training you need an OlymPas and you pay a small monthly expense allowance of € 10 to the LABC Triathlon foundation. In addition, a beginner level front crawl is required; you can already swim a few laps of front crawl in a row at your own speed.


Do you not have an OlymPas pass or has it expired?
You can purchase the OlymPas online via this page or at the service desk. Click here for the specific rates.


Registered participants will:

  • Participate in the excellent practice given in an excellent swimming pool (50m!) by an excellent instructor each Tuesday afternoon and Sunday morning:
  • Practise next to or together with the elite (student) athletes of LABC Triathlon;
  • Become part of the Utrecht Student Triathlon community:
  • Automatically become members of the Dutch Triathlon League which includes the licence to take part in various multi-sports events:
  • Receive invitations for the first running and cycling practices this spring; 
  • Be able to extend their swimming options through Student Sports Club Het Zinkstuk.

Practical information
You can join the practices at any time and discontinue your registration quarterly. The practices take place in the Krommerijn swimming pool each Tuesday afternoon from 3.30 - 4.30 PM and Sunday morning from 8 - 9 AM and are provided by an experienced instructor. The practices are aimed to being able to fast swim a 1000 or 1500 meter in a swim run or triathlon while intermediate individual goals will be focused on too. 

Any questions or suggestions? Contact Maartje via
Signing up 
You can sign up at any time by completing this form (discontinuing your subscription is possible per quarter only).

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Swimming subscription

With a valid OlymPas you get a small discount on the one year swimming subscriptions of the municipal pools of Utrecht.

Holders of a swimming subscription have unlimited access to various municipal swimming pools in Utrecht (de Kwakel, den Hommel, Fletiomare and Krommerijn (Krommerijn only in the Summer!), during their opening hours for lap swimming and recreational swimming. Subscriptions are valid from September 2023 to August 2024, even during holidays (check schedules for each swimming pool).  If you wish to purchase a swimming subscription you need to have a valid OlymPas.


If you own an OlymPas that is valid until the end date of the swimming subscription (or longer) you can obtain a free swim sticker at the Olympos Service Desk. If you show your OlymPas containing a swim sticker you can purchase a swimming subscription at any of the abovementioned swimming pools for the reduced price of € 127.00.

Note: it is important to obtain the swim sticker at the Olympos Service Desk before purchasing your swimming subscription at one of the swimming pools!


Purchasing the OlymPas

The OlymPas gives you access to a wide range of sports programmes at Olympos. Click here for more information


Set period of the subscription

From September 2023 to August 2024.


Opening hours and locations

Click on the links below to check when and where you can swim. 




At the swimming pool, you will be requested to purchase an electronic entrance pass for € 2.50. The entrance pass will grant you access to the swimming pools mentioned above.

Zwembad de Krommerijn Zwembad de Kwakel Zwembad den Hommel Zwembad Fletiomare
Zwembad de Krommerijn
Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3
3584 AD Utrecht
Zwembad de Kwakel
Paranadreef 10
3563 AX Utrecht 

T. (030) 286 27 00


Zwembad den Hommel
Kennedylaan 5  
3533 KH Utrecht

T. (030) 296 1323

Zwembad Fletiomare

Burg. Middelweerdplaats 1

3454 HG De Meern

T. (030) 286 2300


Duration Rate A B C & X  
  • kra

U.S.Z. & W.F. Het Zinkstuk

Do you enjoy water sports? Are you skilled at ball sports? Are you a fast-swimmer or would you like to become one? Join us at swimming or play water polo at Het Zinkstuk! Het Zinkstuk is a social student sports club that offers practice sessions at all levels, takes part in (student) competitions. In addition, Het Zinkstuk organises a range of social activities (pub quiz, weekend trips, Batavierenrace). We have something for everyone!


Practices take place in swimming pool de Kwakel and in de Krommerijn. For an impression of the practices, watch this video.


Curious? Then sign up for a free trial training via If you have any questions you can always send an email to


Practice times
See for the practice times


Membership fees (exclusive OlymPas)
For more information about the membership fees go to


Want to become a member?

If you wish to become a member of an SSC, you will have to:

  • Pay membership fees to the club of your choice. The fees may differ per club. 
  • Own a valid OlymPas or Sports Club Card. If you’re in rate category A an OlymPas is required. If you’re in rate category B or C, you can choose between an OlymPas or the Sports Club Card. 
  • Register for free at Olympos as a member of you SSC.


Step 2 and 3 can be done online. If you’re already a member of this SSC, sign up below for this sports club for free by adding the registration to your shopping trolley. Do you wish to become a member, please first click here for more information and which steps you need to follow to register.

Zwembad de Krommerijn Zwembad de Kwakel
Zwembad de Krommerijn
Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3
3584 AD Utrecht
Zwembad de Kwakel
Paranadreef 10
3563 AX Utrecht 

T. (030) 286 27 00


Duration Rate A B C & X  
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Call the Service Desk at
(030) 253 4471
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