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Strength sports gym: Kratistos

Since January 2018, Olympos boasts the awesome extra strength sports gym called Kratistos, located in the basement of P+R De Uithof. Right in between the bus lanes and tram rails you can now find a sleek, industrial gym of 325m2, aimed at strength sports athletes. Kartistos consists of two floors and also provides the home base to SKVU Obelix

Practising in the strength sports gym (Kratistos)
New visitors will be shown around the gym during an obligatory introductory lesson and tested by an instructor for their experience with barbells in order to determine whether allowing them to practise individually is justified. If so, they will be provided with a special sticker on their OlymPas. If not, they will be advised to attend the beginner strength workout.
The following courses are available:

Individual workout (free sports)
During the opening hours, you can work out individually in Kratistos. This is conditional to having been provided with the special sticker on your OlymPas. A supervisor or instructor will be available to help you if required (for opening hours, see below).
Ground floor
Free weights
The strength sports gym offers a wide variety of options for barbell practice, such as power lifting and weightlifting.  The gym boasts 2 weightlifting platforms, 6 squat stations, nearly 1,000 kg in  bumper plates, 14 spring steel barbells (different ones for women and for men) and 2 horizontal strength benches. There are also dumbbells varying from 1 to 40 kg, kettle bells from 8 to 28 kg, a number of utility benches and a plate loaded leg press.
The gym also offers facilities for strength training using your own body weight (calisthenics). In addition to an area for floor exercises, there is a free wall to practise handstands against and a calisthenics rack with lower and higher horizontal bars and dip bars. There is also a crossmaxx rig with monkey bars, rings, pull up bars and an extra wing.
You can work on your fitness by using the available concept rowing machines and treadmills. The latter can also be used for an intensive resistance training. 
Explosive workout
The TANK is a very effective tool to be used in explosive workouts, both for pushing and pulling. Jumping exercises can be practised on the soft plyo boxes, throwing exercises by using the slam balls and wall balls.
First floor
Here you can find the changing rooms, toilets and lockers. During practice, personal belongings must be stored in the lockers. You must bring your own padlocks; a padlock ring of 5 to 7 mm is recommended. A tap water station is available in the gym.  
Opening hours Kratistos strength sports gym
During the following hours, the gym is open for individual workouts:

Monday 7 AM - 10 PM
Tuesday to Friday 7 AM - 8.30 PM
Saturday & Sunday 9.30 AM - 2.30 PM


Programmes strength sports:
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