Promotion! FREE access to ALL sports activities for two months!

Are you a UMCU employee or volunteer and would you like free access to all sports activities, without any further obligations?


Go to the Olympos Service Desk during the promotional period (May-July) and pick up a free OlymPas valid for two months!


The OlymPas allows you to make use of our wide range of sports activities without additional payment (click here for an overview).


The promotion in brief:

  • This promotion is open to UMCU employees and volunteers (only). 
  • The free two-month OlymPas can only be activated at the Olympos Service Desk.
  • If you are a UMCU employee, please bring a recent pay slip and your personnel card to the Service Desk as proof of your entitlement to participate in the promotion.
  • Volunteers should request a work statement via UMC!UIT and present it to the Service Desk.
  • You will not pay any registration fees and your OlymPas will automatically expire after two months.
  • Your two-month OlymPas starts on the day of 'purchase' at the Service Desk.
  • Even if you already have an OlymPas, you can take advantage of this promotion and extend your current pass by two months, free of charge! You can arrange this even before your current pass will expire; the two months will automatically be added to your current expiry date.
  • This promotion runs from 1 May to 31 July 2023. This means that on any day during this period you can 'purchase' and activate the free two-month OlymPas (or extend your current one) at the Service Desk.
  • You may only make use of this promotion once.


No account at Olympos yet?
Have you never played sports at Olympos before, and do you not yet have an account and SCO number (membership number)? Please first register via our website free of charge. You can do this here.


Come to the Service Desk to 'purchase' your free OlymPas:

  • If you do not yet have an OlymPas, a photo will be taken for your pass, the pass will be printed, and you will receive a sticker on your pass showing the expiry date.
  • Do you already have an OlymPas? Then you will receive a new sticker showing the new expiry date.
  • Bring a recent pay slip and your personnel pass to the Service Desk as proof of your entitlement to participate in the promotion. Volunteers should request a work statement via UMC!UIT and present it to the Service Desk.


What can I do with the free OlymPas?
With your OlymPas you will, among other things:


For a (small) additional fee, the OlymPas also allows you to Stand Up Paddle and to take part in the various tennis, squash, cross challenge and hyrox courses.

On the sports programmes page you will find more information about the complete range of sports activities on offer and their corresponding timetables. For most activities you will need to book online in advance. In this way, you can reserve a group lesson or book a time slot for the fitness gym, tennis and squash courts, or register for a course. You will find more information on the pages related to each sports activity (or by clicking on the links in the sports programmes page).


Please note: when playing sports at Olympos you must always have your OlymPas on you and be able to show it on request.

Further discount after the promotion period has ended
This promotion is offered to you by UMCU and Olympos.

Would you like to keep exercising after these free two months? The UMCU-Olympos partnership agreement allows you** to purchase the OlymPas with the usual UMCU discount after your free two-month pass has expired (rate B; monthly pass €27, annual pass €270), but this is not compulsory. 


** Partners of UMCU employees, retired UMCU employees, UMCU volunteers and their partners can also purchase the all-in OlymPas (with the same discount (rate B))! However, only UMCU employees and volunteers can participate in this free two-month sports promotion.
Have lots of sportive fun!

Opening hours
Olympos has wide opening hours, making it easier to combine your work and private schedules.

Monday to Friday 7 AM - 11.30 PM
Saturday & Sunday 9 AM - 7 PM

Pleas note: To some public holidays adjusted opening hours apply and no courses or group lessons will be available. Click here for more information.

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