Fit4UU is the vitality programme of Utrecht University. During this programme, you will work on your own vitality. The programme consists of meetings and coaching sessions as well as sports and activities. We will zoom in on themes such as nutrition, mental vitality, dealing with (daily) stress, and the practical application to your day-to-day life: from knowing to acting. 
Olympos allows you to conduct the active parts of the programme through flexible and almost unlimited access to their wide range of sports activities. The choice is enormous, so choose what suits you and your goals, and what you enjoy.


As a Fit4UU participant you can:

  • Join all of the sports programmes (group lessons) available exclusively for Fit4UU participants.
  • Use your OlymPas to join the even wider options for OlymPas holders (apart from courses and more than 80 group lessons, OlymPas holders also have access to both fitness locations, can enjoy the recreational tennis and squash courts, or (learn to) climb, and much more! 
  • Participate in the free staff-only lunch activities catered for by Olympos’ so-called Keep-Fit-Cargo-Bike programme of the 'Active Utrecht Science Park' programme (even when you work in the inner city). 

 Below, please find more information about the various options. Click on a specific activity for further information, to book a group lesson or sign up for a course. 

Sports programmes exclusively for Fit4UU participants

The group lessons mentioned below are available exclusively for staff members who take part in the Fit4UU programme (click on the specific activity for further information). The group lessons can be attended flexibly and without restrictions; you book a single lesson each time. You can book up from two days prior to the actual lesson (click on the specific activity). 


Group lessons* Fit4UU


For a weekly overview/schedule of all of the activities for staff members/Fit4UU, click here.

Sports programmes available for OlymPas holders

(a wide range of activities both for students and staff members)
As a Fit4UU participant, you can use your free one-month OlymPas to enjoy the all-in access to all of the sports activities at Olympos for a whole month. Your OlymPas provides access to a wide range of activities for both students and staff members of Utrecht University and other (partner) organisations (holding the OlymPas). Click here for more information and an overview


With your OlymPas, most of the activities are free of charge but some require an additional fee (e.g. lessons in ‘expensive’ sports or in small groups with intensive supervision). 


Sports programmes available for OlymPas holders: staff members only

Would you prefer to participate in staff-only activities? You can! The following courses and group lessons are available to staff members only (and not to students). Click on the specific activity for further information:

* What is a course and what is a group lesson?
A course is a series of lessons: once a week with a set group, at a set day and time, that you have to sign up for in advance (the registration starts two weeks before the start if the course). Most courses comprise ten weeks/lessons, some only four or five. The lessons build on the previous ones.
Group lessons can be attended flexibly and without restrictions as single lessons. If you want to be sure of a place in the lesson, you can book online from two days prior to the actual lesson.  


Keep-Fit-Cargo-Bike sports activities during your lunch break

Three times a week, from 12.30-1.15, one of our instructors will get on the Keep-Fit-Cargo-Bike to encourage staff members at the Utrecht Science Park and the inner city to be active during their lunch break. Participation is free of charge and unrestricted for all members of staff, even if you are not a Fit4UU participant or OlymPas holder. You don’t have to sign up either and you are welcome to bring a colleague along! Read more about the Keep-Fit-Cargo-Bike


Each Tuesday 12.30 PM

  • Yoga, location in summer: Botanical Gardens (gather at the main entrance), in case of bad weather: at Olympos. From October to April the lesson is given at Olympos (Dance Hall 2). Lessons are also frequently provided at the Oude Hortus in the inner city (see Wednesday). 

Each Wednesday 12.30 PM

  • Bootcamp, location: Bootcamp Square Leuvenlaan (opposite the Educatorium). In winter, too, this lesson is usually conducted outdoor.  
  • Yoga, location: Oude Hortus in the inner city (15 January, 5 February, 4 March, 18 March, 8 April 2020).

Each Thursday 12.30 PM

  • Tai Chi, location: Botanical Gardens (gather at the main entrance), in case of bad weather: at Olympos

Want to learn more about the Keep-Fit-Cargo-Bike activities? Click here

Opening hours

Sportcentrum Olympos boasts extensive opening hours. Click here for the regular opening hours and an overview of the opening hours during special holidays.


More information

If you have any questions about the sports programmes for staff members, or any requests or suggestions, please contact Bas Martinot via b.martinot@olympos.nl or info@actiefusp.nl.


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