Personal training / sports and lifestyle coaching

Do you have specific sports-related issues, would you like to lose weight or learn how to integrate sports activities into your work schedule? Make an appointment with one of our fitness instructors. 
During a maximum of three sessions, together with the instructor you will discuss your options. The instructor will be able to help you with situations such as: 


  • I would like to take up sports but am unsure how to begin and would like to talk about this with someone. 
  • I would like to take up fitness, but I do not know how to use the equipment properly or which exercises would suit me best
  • I have a specific aim (e.g. losing weight, strength build-up, preparing for a sports event) and would like to get some help and advice.
  • Apart from sports support, I would also like to get some advice about a healthier lifestyle. 


If your situation is not mentioned above but you still would like to discuss this with one of our instructors or get their support, obviously this is okay too. 


How to make an appointment

You can make an appointment with one of the instructors (Dirk Wijnalda, Harrie de Jong, Kjeld van Hees or Tim Koolmoes) via the Service Desk. You can either come in person or call (030) 253 4471. Please indicate that you are a Fit4UU participant. 

Call the Service Desk at
(030) 253 4471
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