Welcome to Olympos!

Olympos is the student sports centre of Utrecht University and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, located at the Utrecht Science Park.

Relax and stay fit 

Playing sports alongside your studies is relaxing (both physically and mentally), good for your health, important to keep fit and feel energetic. But above all: great fun! Moreover, you will meet many other students; almost 90% of all athletes at Olympos are students. 

Wide range of sports for a low price

What's more, as a student in Utrecht you cannot take part in so many sports with one pass at such a low price. With the all-in sports card of Olympos (the 'OlymPas') you can make flexible and unlimited use of the wide range of sports on offer for a whole year for only €160. 

** This rate applies to students of our partner institutions: Utrecht University (UU), Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (HU), Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) and the University of Humanities (UvH). For an overview of all rates (also for employees, other institutions) check www.olympos.nl/rates.


What can I do with the OlymPas?

Would you like to know what you can do with an OlymPas, without paying extra? Then click here.


How do I purchase the OlymPas?

You can purchase the OlymPas online via this website or at the Sports Desk.

Online via the website


Purchase at the Service Desk 


Sports Café

The Olympos sports bar is the living room of Olympos. You can go there for a drink or meal a low price or relax on the sunniest terrace of the Utrecht Science Park.


How do I stay up to date?

We wish you a lot of success and fun with your studies in Utrecht. See you at Olympos!  

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