Utrecht Marathon: Sunday 21 May 2023

The Utrecht Marathon powered by Utrecht Science Park will start on 21 May 2023!
After a period of postponements by COVID-19, the Utrecht Marathon powered by Utrecht Science Park has returned to the 2023 running calendar. A variety of races will be held on Sunday 21 May, catering for all types of athletes and distances. Both the start and finish are located at the Utrecht Science Park. 
Races for everyone 
The Utrecht Marathon includes the following events:
  • Utrecht Marathon (42,195 km)
  • Utrecht Science Park Half Marathon (21,1 km)
  • GenDx ¼ Marathon (10,55 km)
  • KWF Mini Marathon (± 1,5 km)
  • Business Runs: Quarter and Half Marathon
  • Student Relay
Registration reopened
Registration for all the Utrecht Marathon races has now reopened. The last Utrecht Marathon was run in 2019. Please sign up via the website: www.utrechtmarathon.com.
Note: Employees of Utrecht University, UMC Utrecht and Olympos can sign up for free (up to a certain maximum number of participants). Please check your own organisation's Intranet or other internal communication channels for further information.
Running practice (free for OlymPas holders)
Want to arrive at the start of the race well prepared and set a fast time? Sign up for one of Olympos' running practices. You can choose from practice for beginners, for the 5-10 km distances or for the 10+ km (half/half marathon) races. Participation (registration) is free for OlymPas holders.
Once-a-week practice sessions under the guidance of a professional instructor will ensure that you progress quickly and responsibly, improve your technique, and push your limits. The instructor will provide you with weekly feedback. Furthermore, running in a group is very motivating as well as fun! You will be running in the beautiful rural surroundings of the Utrecht Science Park.
10-week sessions
The running practices are scheduled in consecutive periods of 10 weeks/lessons. You must, however, reregister for a next period of 10 weeks to give other athletes a chance to participate too. You can register and participate at any time, even after the practice period has already started. When signing up, your OlymPas must be valid until at least the end of the current practice period. You can choose a monthly OlymPas or an annual one (this latter one is relatively inexpensive).
Running practice schedule
  • Period 2: Monday 21 November 2022 – Sunday 12 February 2023 There is no practice during the Christmas holiday period (26 December 2022 - 8 January 2023). Signing up for/participating in the remaining sessions of Period 2 is possible until 29 January. 
  • Period 3: Monday 13 February - Sunday 23 April 2023 Registration opens on Monday 30 January.
  • Period 4: Monday 24 April - Sunday 2 July 2023 Registration opens on Monday 10 April.
Signing up for the running practices
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