House rules

Rules of use and rules of conduct

All users of the Olympos facilities and all participants of the Olympos sports programmes must comply with the rules of use and the rules of conduct. These rules are available from the Service Desk and can also be downloaded here.  

Liability and insurance

Sportcentrum Olympos does not accept liability arising from participation in our sports programmes, nor for injuries or loss of or damage to property. We strongly recommend that you take out third-party and accident insurance. 

OlymPas / Membership Card Check

Users of the Sportcentrum Olympos facilities will have to be able at all times to show their OlymPas / sports card in order to prove that they are entitled to make use of the facilities and / or to take part in the various sports programmes offered.  Sportcentrum Olympos staff carry out regular checks. Further information about the OlymPas /sports card checks can be downloaded here

OlymPas / Membership Card lost

The Service Desk can provide you with a copy. Costs are €8.60. Don’t forget to bring a valid proof of identification. 


In case of illness or absence of the instructor we will always try to look for a replacement. If possible you will be offered an alternative programme. When a lesson is cancelled (e.g. through illness of the instructor), this will be announced on the page Cancelled lessons.
NB: Only if two lessons are cancelled because of a public holiday will a lesson be offered again at a later date.  


No restitution will be made unless a claim can be made under the right of withdrawal (see General Terms and Conditions, Article 6). OlymPas day passes are not eligible for a refund.

NB: In case of e.g. an injury, you will not be reimbursed either. The OlymPas can be temporarily discontinued to be reactivated at a later moment. You will be charged €15 administration fees and have to hand in your OlymPas at the Service Desk for the specific period. This also applies to members of student sports clubs, in which case their SSC registration also will be temporarily suspended. 

Camera supervision

For the safety of its clients, members of staff and property, Sportcentrum Olympos makes use of camera supervision. About a dozen cameras are in operation; its live-footage is shown on a monitor at the Service Desk in the entrance hall. All tapes are automatically erased after 24 hours.  

Lost property

Lost items can be retrieved form the Service Desk during opening hours. NB: After two weeks all items will be donated to charity.