Extra in de fitness

With a valid OlymPas, you not only have unlimited access to fitness facilities (and all other sports programmes of the OlymPas) you can also take advantage of all fitness perks, such as:

  • receiving a personal Fitness Plan or
  • a body fat analysis;
  • paricipating in core strength training
  • particpating in the circuit training
  • make free use of the Olympos gym app

Personal Fitness Plan
After a period of about six weeks’ training you can register at the Service Desk for a personal fitness plan. One of our instructors will meet with you to set up a tailor-made personal programme. Training objectives may vary per person: increasing your strength and endurance, figure correction, enhancing your performance in a particular sports, or rehabilitation training. 

Body fat analysis 
Are you interested in knowing your own body fat percentage? Or rather your fat-free mass? If you hold a valid OlymPas, we can offer you a quick analysis based on the BIA method. Please note that the fitness instructors often are very busy, and that you may have to wait a little while.

Core strength
For training core strength. Developing core strength involves training abdominal, back, buttock and hip muscles and hamstrings.

In this lesson, 15 - 20 minutes will be devoted to increasing core strength and improving the function of the associated muscles. Every move you make starts with your core muscles. The stronger your core muscles, the more strength you will have to move your arms and legs. Additionally, strong core muscles help improve your posture, which lowers your risk of injury. 
Having a strong, high-performance core is essential for anyone wishing to improve posture and physical and athletic ability. Therefore, core strength is very important, as it gives the body stability and flexibility. The core unit consists of muscles which stabilise the vertebral column from your pelvis all the way up to your neck and shoulders and enable sudden, strong arm and leg movements. All such motion starts in your core unit and never in your arms and legs themselves. Just before you move your arms or legs, the core muscles have to contract and stabilise your body. If these muscles are not strong or developed enough, they will contract too slowly, making injury more likely.

During the lesson, we will work on training core strength by focusing on exercises with free objects such as bar-bells, dumb-bells, stability balls and medicine balls, using as many muscle groups as possible at the same time and demanding considerable exertion from the core muscles. In addition to strength, the core muscles also provide stability and resistance.
In short, if you are serious about physical strength, a strong core is a must!

Schedule for core strength*:

  • Monday, 9 AM and 3 PM
  • Tuesday, 10 AM and 3 PM
  • Wednesday, 10 AM and 3 PM
  • Thursday, 9 AM and 3 PM
  • Friday, 10 AM
  • Saturday, 2 PM

*subject to change; the lessons in the fitness only take place if an instructor is present.

Circuit training
In the circuit training, you train using your own body weight and free objects. The training is given in the fitness room and lasts 30 minutes. After performing each exercise for a certain time, maximising output, we then take a short break before starting the next exercise, thereby achieving intensive training of all major muscle groups within just 30 minutes. The training is led by an instructor who provides encouragement and, above all, ensures the exercises are performed properly, giving instructions/tips as needed. 

The training is open to anyone with a valid OlymPas and is given in the fitness and squash court. 

The training is recommended for members who want to improve their technique when performing the exercises. The training is also ideal for anyone looking for an intensive workout, or to step outside of their comfort zone and feel a bit more motivated. 

Schedule for circuit training*:

  • Monday, 8 PM
  • Tuesday, 8 PM
  • Wednesday, 8 PM
  • Thursday, 6 PM
  • Friday, 8 PM
  • Saturday, 10 AM
  • Sunday, 10 AM

*subject to change; the lessons in the fitness only take place if an instructor is present.

In this lesson attention is paid to stretching and core stability in combination with breathing. You work on mobility, agility and strength and learn to stand firm and stable.

In this lesson you do the exercises in sync with your breathing, which causes a redistribution of both physical and mental energy which goes hand in hand. Regular performance of these exercises improves your immune system and has a positive impact on your overall health.

The training takes place on squash court 1 and is accessible to anyone with an OlymPas. Click here to make a reservation for relaxation.
Olympos Gym App
Get fit and train smart with the Olympos gym app.  Free to use for all our members. Train effective, stay motivated and reach your fitness goals with the Olympos gym app. Use the app to make new workouts and to track your fitness  progress. 

With the Olympos gym app you can:

  • Use our complete training programmes
  • Make your personal training programme
  • Share and track your daily sports activities
  • Check your fitness progress
  • Watch numerous  exercises in 3D
  • Receive tips an information 
  • Earn more than 150 achievements

Stay healthy and fit with the Olympos gym app and don’t forget: move your body, stretch your mind!

You need an Olympos gym account. This account can be by one of our fitness instructors.

In order to make use of this FREE app, you need an Olympos gym account. You can request this from one of our fitness instructors.

Olympos Gym app pro! 
You can also sign up to the Olympos gym app as a PRO-member. For a fee of € 10 you will be a PRO-member for a year. In addition to the standard applications, you have the following additional options: unlimited goals and progress registration, add your own exercises, more training programmes, training plan creator, extensive food system, no third party ads on website and more!

Go to one of our fitness instructors for more information and / or to sign up immediately. They will make you a PRO-member after payment.