Sports Club Card

If rate category B/C/X applies to you, you can choose to purchase your SSC registration in combination with an Sports Club Card (instead of an OlymPas). This card only entitles you to participate in activities of your own SSC or SSCs (if you are a member of multiple SSCs). With the Sports Club Card you can't use the sports programmes of the OlymPas.

The Sports Club Card: 

  • can only be purchased in combination with at least one SSC registration.
  • can be purchased online or at the Service Desk.
  • costs € 160 per season (valid from August 1 to July 31). Click here to view the OlymPas rates.

If you would like to use the sports programmes of the OlymPas in addition to the activities of your own SSC, choose the OlymPas in your shopping cart or at the Service Desk.