Want to become a new member of a SSC?

  • First check here which rate category applies to you.
  • Then contact the club of your choice and enquire whether you can become a member (there are clubs with waiting lists). Please clearly state which rate category applies to you.
  • If you can become a member, you have to register with Olympos for free as a member of your SSC (do this for each club you join).
  • You can easily register as a member of your SSC by going to this page. Click on 'register' at the club of your choice and the registration will be immediately added to your shopping trolley.
  • If you do not yet have an OlymPas*, in addition to your free SSC registration, you will automatically also be offered an OlymPas in your shopping trolley (valid up to and including at least 31 July).
  • Do you already have an OlymPas* that is still valid for a while? You will then automatically be offered the OlymPas for the remaining part of the season (your new OlymPas will be valid from the day your current OlymPas expires).
  • Click on the OlymPas to also add it to your shopping trolley. You then have the required OlymPas and your SSV registration in your shopping trolley and pay for the OlymPas.
  • Payment for the OlymPas online is only possible via iDeal. Can't you pay via iDeal? Then come to the Serive Desk (payment by pin, credit card or cash).

*) If rate category B / C / X applies to you, you can also purchase your free SSC registration in combination with a Sports Club Card. Click here for more information.