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Strength workout for beginners

From Monday 18 March we will start with new 5 weeks courses strength workout for beginners start. We offer courses for only women, but also mixes courses. The courses are given in our cool, new strength sports location, directly under P+R De Uithof. 


You will need a valid OlymPas to register and will have to pay an extra fee (€ 5 for rate category A and € 10 for rate category B, C and X). Registration can be done via this page from 4 March.


Climbing: top rope and technique

From Monday 18 March new climbing courses (top rope and technique) will start at Kalymnos, the special outdoor climbing wall at Sportcentrum Olympos (built against the P+R De Uithof). Free climbing is possible if you hold an NKBV proficiency certificate for Indoor Top Rope Climbing or an NKBV Indoor Lead Climbing Proficiency Certificate (IV


You will need a valid OlymPas to register and will have to pay an extra fee. Registration is possible from 4 March via this page

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VAT exemption sports

As from 1 January 2019, many sport-related services that are being provided without a profit motive have been exempted from VAT. This is the result of new European legislation and also applies to the Dutch situation and, consequently, to Sportcentrum Olympos, which is managed by Utrecht Student Sports Foundation Mesa Cosa (hereinafter called Mesa Cosa).
It sounds quite promising: ‘exempted from VAT’. However, it is not. It means that sports organisations without a profit motive can no longer deduct the VAT charged over the costs of maintenance, water & energy, freelance instructors, sports equipment, cleaning services etc. and that Mesa Cosa will no longer get a tax return. As a result, sports organisations such as Mesa Cosa/ Olympos are faced with higher costs.  
Unfortunately, we are compelled to charge our athletes and lessees with part of these additional expenses. Our aim is to ensure that the increased rates do not render us more expensive for, in particular, students and employees than the ‘market rates’. The rate increase, however, does not cover the full increase in costs as a result resulting from the new VAT legislation. We are still working out further options to minimize its negative impact.  
Below please find an overview of the new rates and a number of frequently asked questions. 

What effect does this new legislation have on the OlymPas rates? 

Until 31 December 2018, the OlymPas rates included 6% VAT which, as from 1 January 2019, has been cancelled. An important part of our costs, however, will see a 21% increase. We intend to reflect these increased costs in the OlymPas in stages: 
  • As from 1 February 2019, we will increase the rates by approximately 4% (i.e. €5 per annual student pass). 
  • From the start of the next academic year, we will again increase the rates by approximately 4% (i.e. another €5 year for students). 
The above will result in the following new rates: 
Rates OlymPas Current situation Adjustment per 1-2-19 Adjustment per 1-8-19
  Year Month Year Month Year Month
Category A €130 €15.50 €135 €16.50 €140 €16.70
Category B €249.50 €24.95 €260 €26 €270 €27
Category C €365 €36.50 €380 €38 €395 €39.50
Category X €328.50 €32.85 €342 €34.20 €355.50 €35.50


What about the current OlymPas?

Any current subscription will remain valid until its expiry date. The new rates will apply from and depend on the moment the OlymPas is being extended. 

Doesn’t the VAT rate go from 6 to 9%?

Indeed, the (lower) VAT rate on, for instance, food, the hairdresser’s etc and which used to apply to sports too has been increased from 6 to 9%. The same applies to commercial suppliers (including fitness centres) but not to non-commercial sports providers (e.g. sports clubs and foundations such as Mesa Cosa) as these are ‘exempted from VAT’. 

What about the ambition to encourage participation in sports?

This still is the aim of both the EU and the Dutch government. In effect, however, we have always been able to use the Dutch VAT legislation to our advantage and this benefit has now been taken away from us.  The same applies the municipalities and other university sports centres. Internationally and with regard to commercial providers as opposed to public providers (such as sports organisations and Mesa Cosa), the situation really is fairer now but, unfortunately, this does not work out beneficially for us nor our athletes.  

Are there no subsidies available to remedy the negative effects? 

We do indeed have subsidies that can be used towards the purchase of sports equipment or the renovation of our courts and pitches. This budget, however, is limited and not structural (max. of 4 years). We expect that we will be able to acquire some additional subsidies in the first year, but eventually we will have to do without such subsidies. Moreover, the subsidies do not cover the ongoing expenses for, for instance, instructors, cleaning services, gas, water, light and regular maintenance.

More information? (in Dutch)

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As from 11 February 2019 (i.e. the start of Period 3/E), quite a few things will change at our strength sports gym Kratistos. The biggest change is that anyone holding a valid OlymPas* will be able to make free use of Kratistos. In addition, a minor fee will be charged for attending the strength sports classes. 
* Free use of Kratistos is conditional to being able to show the free Kratistos sticker on your OlymPas (for further information, see below).
Free use of the gym
Everyone who is able to show the free Kratistos sticker on their OlymPas can make free use of Kratistos during opening hours. The opening hours have been extended to allow you to start early in the morning. We hope this will reduce the peak times in our regular gym. 
You can be provided with the free Kratistos sticker upon attending a free introductory lesson, or one of the courses at Kratistos (Cross challenge, Cross circuit or Strenght workout for beginners (mixed or for women only). 
Kratistos opening hours
The current opening hours (until 11 February 2019) can be checked here.
As from 11 February 2019 the following opening hours will apply**:
Monday 7 AM – 10 PM
Tuesday - Friday 7 AM – 8.30 PM
Saturday & Sunday 9.30 AM – 2.30 PM


**) During the various courses provided at Kratistos the space for individual workouts may be limited. 
Course fees
In order to take part in our strength sports courses you will need a valid OlymPas and be charged a further small fee.
Fees of €5 (rate category A) and €10 (rate categories B, C and X) apply to the five-week courses. Fees of €10 (rate category A) and €20 (rate categories B, C and X) apply to the ten-week courses. 
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