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Olympos is looking for students who want to help setting up and clearing away examination tables and chairs at Olympos for €15 each time.


Ideal if you don't have much time but could use an extra penny!
And also handy to combine with sports at Olympos, if you are there anyway.


Sign up for the student pool (see below), and when exams are coming up you will receive a schedule with dates and timeslots you can sign up for, indicating when and how often you could/would like to work.


The timeslots are always an hour (sometimes 1.5) somewhere within the following times:

  • Sundays: one hour between approximately 17:00 - 20:00 (build-up)
  • Weekdays: one hour between approximately 06:30 - 09:30 (build-up)
  • Weekdays: one hour between approx. 16:00 - 19:00 (clearing)
  • During the week: one hour between approximately 22:00 - 1:00 (assembly)


Exam periods are always in periods of several weeks within which one-hour work timeslots are then scheduled almost daily. In the remainder of this academic year, these are, for example, weeks 15 & 16, week 21 and week 25 to 30. In addition, there are occasional examinations outside these periods, for which timeslots for assembly and disassembly are also scheduled.


Yes, I do want to work regular hours and earn some extra money!

Then send an email to Olaf at and sign up for the student pool. You will then receive a list of timeslots you can sign up for at times that suit you (if they are still available).

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In addition to our 'regular' extensive OlymPas sports programmes, we will also keep providing the free online workouts which you can do at home. On the Olympos YouTube-channel you can find a range of varied, short and free home workouts. Not live, but with the option to watch them back. If you got a favourite one, you will be able to watch it as often as you please! We will regularly post new workouts on Facebook and Twitter.
Home workouts
The workouts range from yoga, cardio boxing, Tabata strength power and Cross challenge to steps, butt/belly home workouts, dance fitness and core workouts. The workouts usually last 20 to 40 minutes each. An ideal start or end to your day or an energising break. 
If you prefer something a little slower, you can also opt for one of the senior fitness home workouts. 
Running: exercises and schedules
If you prefer to keep up your fitness outdoors, start running! 
Our running instructors Dirk, Rafael and Kjeld recorded online strength, mobility and technique exercises as well as two-practices-a-week schedules both for beginners and more practised runners ( > 5 km). 
Moreover, you can also take part in the ‘real’ running practices (courses, 10 weeks), for various levels. 
Short active breaks
Do you just wish to break the long sessions of sitting at your desk, stretch your legs, relax your (neck/shoulder) muscles, or take your eyes off the screen? Attend a short active breaks of approx. 10 minutes! 
Tips by our instructors
Finally: our instructors have been sharing their favourite workouts on our Olympos Facebook page. They may inspire you. Enough options for sure!
All of our workouts can be found on our YouTube-channel. Or go directly to your favourite playlist:
Stay active, stay healthy and have fun! 
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Short active breaks organised at your department 
Sitting down is the new vice, to be compared with smoking, some people say. Research shows that it is very bad to sit down often and for long periods of time. Unfortunately, many of our Science Park and inner-city staff conduct work activities that require them to sit down a lot. For this reason, Olympos offers the so called 'Active breaks', short active sessions of about 15 minutes which include dynamic exercises offered at your own department/work area and supervised by one of our Olympos instructors. 


Active Break in short:

  • is a 15-minute energizer break 
  • at your workplace with an Olympos instructor 
  • you will do a session of light and no sweat exercises, such as stretching and fitness games
  • the exercises are beneficial for anyone and the instructor will make it accessible to every body type and every age
  • you can join in your work clothes
  • not only beneficial, but also fun! 


In short: Active breaks are real energizers, which help you to recharge your batteries both physically and mentally during the long working days.  

You can now book an active break for three to fifteen colleagues at your own department. 


Would you like a free trial session first, without any obligations? Contact us by e-mail:

Please click here for further information


Sit less, feel better! 

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