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Spring has begun! This also means that the beach field is open again. With your OlymPas you can book the beach court from free three days in advance.


Check here how to do that and what the conditions are:

  • With your OlymPas you can book the field (for free play) for one hour at the Sports Desk up to three days in advance by calling the Sports Desk via tel (030) 253 4471.
  • All athletes who use the field must have a valid OlymPas.
  • All athletes must temporarily hand in their OlymPas to the Sports Desk in advance. So everyone take your OlymPas with you!
  • Also bring your own ball. You can also rent a ball at the sports desk for €4.

 Check here to read the complete conditions for booking the beach field.
Location beach volleyball court
The beach volleyball court is located behind the sports center, next to hockey 1. Click here for a map.

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Course period 3 runs from Monday 22 April to Sunday 30 June 2024. 

You can register for a course from Monday 8 April at 7.30AM at the service desk or via this website.


Most courses last ten weeks / lessons, sometimes five. In most courses it is possible to join later on (after the first few lessons), if there are still places available. For further information about the various courses or checking availability, please click on the course of your choice below.


Courses in course period 4


We offer squash courses in cooperation with US Beat It. Registration for the squash courses is open until  7 April 2024


Registering for a course?

Do you wish to register for a course online? Go to the course of your choice (above) and place the course in the cart that can be found in the table at the bottom of the page. If you do not possess (a valid) OlymPas, than you can immediately purchase this online. 


Schedule course period 4

Click here to download the course schedule.



Please click here to check what you must do to cancel your participation in a single lesson or the complete course.  

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Are you a student of Utrecht University, do you have a valid OlymPas and do you like padel? Or would you like to try it? Grab your chance now!


Thanks to the budget made available to Olympos by Utrecht University, UU students with a valid OlymPas can play padel (free sports) with 40% discount at the two locations with more than 20 padel courts of Peakz Padel Utrecht: Vechtse banen and Zeehaenkade.


You can also borrow free padel rackets and padel balls from Peakz, at the desk of the respective location.


How does it work? Quite simple

  • Go to and create an account. You also need to fill in your SCO number (your Olympos membership number, it is on your OlymPas).
  • Do you already have an account with Peakz? Then fill out a form and after a few days your discount will be activated.
  • After that, you can book courts with 40% discount. There are timeslots of 60, 90 and 120 minutes and double and single courts. Zeehaenkade has indoor and outdoor courts, Vechtse banen only indoor courts. You book and pay per time slot.


Want to borrow your padel racket and padel balls?

This deal is free for UU students with a valid OlymPas. Bring your UU student card and your OlymPas to Peakz! Make sure the date on the validity sticker on your OlymPas matches the validity of your OlymPas. If not, go to the sports desk at Olympos to get a new sticker (bring your UU college card and ID with you!).


Duration of discount offer

This special discount promotion will end when the budget runs out, or no later than the end of 2024. 


UU student padel championship

There will be an UU student padel championship organized later! Keep an eye on this website, the Olympos newsletter or socials (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (X) or YouTube) for that.



Email or call the Olympos sports desk (, 253 4471) or contact any of the Peakz locations.



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