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Short active breaks organised at your department 
Sitting down is the new vice, to be compared with smoking, some people say. Research shows that it is very bad to sit down often and for long periods of time. Unfortunately, many of our Science Park and inner-city staff conduct work activities that require them to sit down a lot. For this reason, Olympos offers the so called 'Active breaks', short active sessions of about 15 minutes which include dynamic exercises offered at your own department/work area and supervised by one of our Olympos instructors. 


Active Break in short:

  • is a 15-minute energizer break 
  • at your workplace with an Olympos instructor 
  • you will do a session of light and no sweat exercises, such as stretching and fitness games
  • the exercises are beneficial for anyone and the instructor will make it accessible to every body type and every age
  • you can join in your work clothes
  • not only beneficial, but also fun! 


In short: Active breaks are real energizers, which help you to recharge your batteries both physically and mentally during the long working days.  

You can now book an active break for three to fifteen colleagues at your own department. 


Would you like a free trial session first, without any obligations? Contact us by e-mail:

Please click here for further information


Sit less, feel better! 

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Have you signed up for one of the distances of the Utrecht Marathon held on 19 April yet?  This great event starting from and finishing at our own Utrecht Science Park should not be missed! The tracks run along some the most beautiful locations in our beautiful city and are dotted with musical intervals that make it into a lively Utrecht event. 

Distances (individually)

If you want to run individually, you can take part in either the quarter marathon (10.55 km), the half or the full marathon. There is also a mini-marathon for kids of 4 to 12 years old (1.5 km). Check the various tracks.

USP Team Run

Are you employed with one of the organisations at or close to the Utrecht Science Park? And would you like to run as a team? Sign up for the quarter marathon (10.55 km) with a team of 3 to 5 persons and take part in the USP Team Run! The times run by the three fastest athletes in your team will count towards the team ranking. USP Team Run participants receive a free USP Team Run shirt. They are also offered a special reception close to the start/finish lines on 19 April. 


  • NB: Employees of Utrecht University, UMC Utrecht and Olympos can register for free (up to a specific maximum number of participants) for both the individual distances and the USP Team Run. Check the intranet or other news channels within your own organisation! 
  • If you are employed with any of the other organisations at the USP, please check this page for further information and to sign up for either an individual distance or the USP Team Run.
  • If you are a student, visit this page to sign up for the individual distances. 


Running practises (free with OlymPas)

Do you want to take up running and intend to complete the quarter marathon (10.55 km)? Or are you an experienced runner wishing to further improve your running capacity, to exceed your own limits or increase your pace on the half or full marathon?  Once-a-week practice under the supervision of a professional trainer ensures that you will improve rapidly and responsibly. 
Running in a group is far more fun and encouraging. The trainer will provide you weekly with individual feedback and a task for the week after. You will be running in the beautiful area of and around the Utrecht Science Park. Have you missed the start of the course period? No worries! You can still sign up and join in up to and including the 4th lesson/week of the course period. 

Utrecht Science Park

The Utrecht Marathon is powered by Utrecht Science Park and not just like any other sports event. Through its wonderful route, the Utrecht Marathon knows to combine the city and the surrounding area of Utrecht and underlines our Utrecht ‘healthy urban living’. At the Utrecht Science Park, we jointly strive to improve our health and the quality of life. Together with (knowledge) partners Utrecht University, HU University for Applied Sciences Utrecht,  UMC Utrecht, Sportcentrum Olympos and the Dutch Cancer Society, we give meaning to the Utrecht Marathon, which symbolises the start of a longer and healthier life. During each edition of the Utrecht Marathon, the Dutch Cancer Society raises money for ground-breaking research conducted at the Utrecht Science Park. 

Dutch Cancer Society 

The Utrecht Marathon supports the Dutch Cancer Society. One out of three Dutch people contracts cancer. Annually, some 45,000 people die as a result of this disease. This means that someone is diagnosed with cancer every 5 minutes, which time it takes to run approximately one kilometre.  Participants of the Utrecht Marathon can sign up for the quarter, half or full marathon via the Dutch Cancer Society initiative ‘Running against Cancer’. This will provide them with a free start number and a Running against Cancer T-shirt. In return for this, they will have to raise a minimum of 500 euro in sponsor money to be used for ground-breaking research at the Utrecht Science Park. For more information and registration:
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The Utrecht Science Park Games are the ‘Olympos Games' of the Utrecht Science Park (USP), where getting together is just as important as being active. Teams made up of staff members of the various institutions and companies at the Utrecht Science Park compete with each other in one or more sports disciplines. All levels are welcome, joining in is more important than winning!!  


The 2020 Utrecht Science Park Games will take place on Friday 20 March 2020, from 12.30 till 5 PM
Will your organisation, faculty or department also put forward an enthusiastic team and join one of the various sports disciplines


You can sign up either as a team of colleagues or individually for the following activities:  

  • Volleyball (6 against 6) 
  • Dodgeball (6 against 6) 
  • Running (relay – 4 runners) 

Registration fees 
Signing up for the Games only costs €45 per team playing volleyball or dodgeball, €20 for the relay (per team), and €5 for each individual registration. For more information, visit the Actief Utrecht Science Park website
Registration per team
Would you like to join the Games and represent your organisation, faculty or department? Choose your preferred sports discipline and complete the registration form. If your chosen sports discipline is full, you will be put on the waiting list.

Individual registration
Would you like to register individually? Please do! You will form a team with other people either from your own or (also) from other organisations at the Utrecht Science Park who also registered individually. This is the ultimate way to get to know other USP colleagues in a fun and active way. Complete the (individual) registration form here. If your chosen sports discipline is full, you will be put on the waiting list.
If you should have any further questions, please send us an e-mail
Sit less, feel better! 

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