How to register?

How to register?

The OlymPas gives you access to the wide range of sports programmes at Olympos!


> Purchase an OlymPas

The OlymPas, the Olympos' all-in membership card, provides daily access to almost all sports activities at Olympos. It is currently not possible to purchase a ‘separate’ OlymPas. This can only be done in combination with an online booking of a timeslot (gym/fitness, tennis, squash, climbing), group lesson or course. If you wish to make a booking and you do not/no longer have a valid OlymPas, you will automatically be offered the option to buy an Olympos for a day, month or year (Payment via iDeal).* 


> Purchase an OlymPas as a member of a Student Sports Club (SSC)

Are you or will you become a member of a SSC? Then go to this page and register for free for the SSC of your choice (you will have to repeat this for each sports club you are a member of) by clicking on 'register'. In your shopping trolley you will be automatically offered the OlymPas or Sports Club Card (which is obligatory). Click on the card of your choice to add it to your shopping trolley. Now you only have to pay (payment by iDEAL)* to finalize your registration.


* If you don't have a Dutch bank account, you can purchase the OlymPas from our Service Desk and pay with credit card. Please register online first (for free) before you come to Olympos, via: Click here to see what documents you will habe to show at the Service Desk.   


> Login / register
Have you not been a member before or not yet logged in? In your shopping trolley you will only see your reservation or SSC registration and no OlymPas yet. Click login at the bottom left to log in (if you already have an account), or to register (as a new Olympos member).


Have your OlymPas printed at the Service Desk

Have you purchased the OlymPas online? Please come to the Service Desk and have your OlymPas printed. Your picture will be taken te be printed on the OlymPas, which will also have a sticker showing the validity date. Click here to see what documents you will have to show at the Service Desk

Immediate log-in
Have you ever been registered at Olympos before? Then you already 
have a SCO number and you can now 
immediately log in.


Never been registered at Olympos before? Click on the button below to register now. As soon as you have completed your registration you can make purchases via this site and book group lessons, timeslots an register for courses.


Call the Service Desk at
(030) 253 4471
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