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For international students of Utrecht University (UU) and HU University of Applies Sciences (Dutchies also welcome)!



Doing sports is not only a means to get fit. It’s also one of the best ways to make friends and to improve mental health. The sports culture in the Netherlands is really big, and many students join Olympos or a student sports club. But for internationals, it can be a bit harder to find sports buddies. That’s where we come in!



We are Olympos Sportbuddies, a sports community. Do you want to play tennis, volleyball or basketball? Do you like strength training in the gym? Do you want to go running outside, but preferably not on your own? Or participate in group lessons like yoga or Zumba? We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about your favorite sports. If you want, we'll help you find someone with whom you can team up! We also offer clinics regularly, where you can try out new sports, and we have drinks once a month.



Yeah, sounds great, doesn’t it? And joining the Sports Buddues Community is free! This means you don't even need to become a member of Olympos. However, we recommend buying the OlymPas (Olympos’ all-in sports membership card), because OlymPas gives you access to a large variety of sports, for an incredibly low (student) price compared to other sport clubs in Utrecht. 

If you sign up for the sports buddies community (click here to do so), you will be informed of all activities. You can then see what you want to participate in (no obligations) and get in touch informally with other students who would like to do the same sports as you. 



There will be monthly clinics, drinks and gatherings throughout the year! You can find more information about the dates of the clinics on the right side of this page. 


Register for the Spoorts Buddies community for free (no obligations)

If you'd like to joing the community, just sign up through the google form


More info about upcoming events and registration:

Sunday 26 March (10:30 AM)

Try new sports and meet other buddies: join our free clinics Tennis or (Kick)Boxing on Sunday 26 March. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or already more experienced in the sport in question: the trainer will have the clinic 'tailor-made' and you will meet other students who are likely to enjoy doing this sport more often. Click here for more info about the clinics and to register.


Connecting through sports!

Want more information about the Sports Buddy community?

Write an email to Fiona and Sam via:


Sportcentrum and Sportcafé Olympos

Uppsalalaan 3, Utrecht (Utrecht Sience Park)

Easy accessible by bike, tram, bus and car.


More info about the OlymPas (all-in sportscard)


Stay tuned! 


Wishing you a great, happy, healthy and fun time In Utrecht! 





(dates subject to change) 

  • Monday 20 March
    Sports Buddies Social Event
  • Sunday 26 March
    Clinic: tennis and kick boxing
  • Tuesday 11 April
    Sports Buddies Social Event
  • Sunday 30 April
    Clinic: yoga and volleyball
  • Tuesday 16 May
    Sports Buddies Social Event
  • Sunday 21 May
    Clinic: football (mini games)
  • Monday 19 June
    Clinic: paddle board and canoeing
  • Sunday 25 June
    Year closing social event




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