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Sports Café

Sports Café Olympos

Sports Café Olympos is one of Utrecht Science Park’s hot spots! It is the perfect place for a drink or bite to eat before or after playing sports or just because you are there.  It is also the home base for more than 20 student sports clubs. 

Sports Café Olympos is the place to:
  • Eat and drink at a reasonable price
  • Watch sports on a wide screen
  • Have access to free Wi-Fi (and charge your laptop or phone)
  • Just relax!

And, not to be overlooked, the Sports Café Olympos terrace is the sunniest one of all at Utrecht Science Park!


Breakfast, lunch, or (drinks) party?
Are you interested in organising a breakfast, lunch, (drinks) party or BBQ at the Sports Café? Perhaps combined with a sports day, tournament, meeting or other activity at Olympos?

For further information and bookings, please contact Marco Boccaletti or Jolanda Willigenburg. Tel: (030) 253 36 36 or E-mail: sportcafe@olympos.nl.


Sports Café Olympos is situated very close to exit roads and motorway, and boasts ample bicycle and car parking facilities. Click here for more information about how to get there.

Opening hours Sports Café Olympos

  • Monday – Friday, 12.30 PM to 1 AM
  • Saturday 8 AM to 7 PM
  • Sunday 9 AM to 8 PM

Do you wish to organise an activity outside of our opening hours? Contact us to see what we can arrange for you. 

Call the Service Desk at
(030) 253 4471
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