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Stand Up Paddling (SUP) 

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is wildly popular and currently the fastest growing water sport. This makes a lot of sense as it is lots of fun, relaxing, easy to learn and involves a complete body work-out. 


When you practise SUP, you stand on a large surfboard and battle the water by applying a large paddle. It is a challenging balancing act that will require you to continuously flex your stomach, buttock and leg muscles. 


During the course, we will be out on the water to teach you various techniques to be able to stand on the board in a relaxed way. You will soon find out that stand up paddling involves an intensive work-out.  For paddle boarding requires you to use 95% of your muscles; without really noticing it, you will undergo a great work-out. Moreover, it is a very relaxing activity as you are on the water and in the midst of some wonderful countryside. 
After following the course you will have a lot of SUP experience. You can go on the water independently and have more knowledge of paddle boarding and the rules on the water.

We make use of SUP boards manufactured by Mistral, type IMOD 12'6. These boards can be used for relaxed SUP tours as well as competition-level SUP activities. 
The course consists of three lessons of 1.5 hours, which will centre on technique, posture, safety and use of the equipment. There will be an official exam during the final lesson. On passing this exam you will receive your Stand Up Paddling certificate.  


NEW: SUP course for advanced

If you have become so enthusiastic after following the basic course that you want to continue with supping: the follow-up / advanced course is a super fun way to further develop your technique. This is also a course of three lessons, in which we work on improving your technique and speed. The first lesson focuses on expanding the technique and the second lesson focuses on turning corners, steering technique and speed. The course is concluded in the third lesson with a somewhat longer sup tour.


Course periods

This three-week course will be offered in period 1A  and 1B

For the schedules (days/hours) of the current or next period, check the red table below. 


Safety regulations

In accordance with the government measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, special safety regulations apply. Make sure that you take  note of all the regulations. Click here to read them.



On the left of the StayOkay Bunnik, on the grassy river edge (Rhijnauwenselaan 14, 3981 HH Bunnik). The SUP route follows one of the most beautiful hiking paths in the Netherlands: the Kromme Rijn towpath.


What to wear 

You are recommended to wear a lightweight, fast drying and comfortable outfit. Preferably including water shoes or some old trainers that are okay to become wet. You can also go barefoot but this will make you vulnerable to getting hurt, e.g. when you fall in the water and touch anything sharp. 



Please register via the red table at the bottom of this page. An OlymPas is required if you want to follow this course. You also need to pay a extra fee due to the limited group size. Your OlymPas must be valid until at least the last week of the course. 

If you wish to registrate for the course when you do not/no longer have a valid OlymPas, you will automatically be offered the option to buy an OlymPas. The OlymPas provides access to a wide range of sports at Olympos (see: www.olympos.nl). 



Any questions? Pleae send an email to: sup@olympos.nl


Clinic: join in with your colleagues or friends
A SUP clinic on the Kromme Rijn is a fun activity to enjoy with friends or colleagues! During the two-hour clinic you will first get an introduction to SUP and the SUP board, which is followed by a fun and relaxed tour through the beautiful countryside of Amelisweerd en Rhijnauwen. The SUP route follows the Kromme Rijn towpath, one of the most beautiful hiking paths in the Netherlands. Fees: €39.50 p.p. for two hours, including a drink (max. 9 and min. 6 persons). Further information and signing up via sup@olympos.nl.

Stayokay Bunnik
Stayokay Bunnik

Rhijnauwenselaan 14
3981 HH Bunnik


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