Course periods

Course periods: overview

Courses at Olympos are available throughout the year during various course periods. Most course periods last ten weeks / lessons (period 1 to 5), in addition there are course periods that run five, four and three weeks / lessons. The tennis course lasts sixteen weeks / lessons.



  • 16-week course
  • 10-week courses
    aerial acrobatics, boxing, calisthenics, cross challenge, cross circuit, dodgeball, kick boxing, krav maga, mindful movements and meditation, pilates for staff, Pole Fitness, running practices, squash, volleyball and yoga for staff.
  • 5-week courses
    self-defence for women, strength workout for beginners and survival run.
  • 4-week courses
    climbing: top rope, climbing: technique and lead climbing.
  • 3-week course
    stand up paddling.
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