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Individual practice at strength sports gym Kratistos (free sports)

Olympos now has a great second gym/strength sports location: 'Kratistos', located on the ground floor of P+R Utrecht Science Park (right next to Olympos).It is a modern, industrial location with over 325m2 designed for fitness and strength sports. You can work out individually or attend classes. Kratistos has two floors and provides the home base to SKVU Obelix


With your OlymPas you can work out individually in Kratistos. Obviously, your OlymPas also provides you with access to individual use of the Olympos fitness gym and participation in the many other sports programmes at Olympos.  

First time in Kratistos?

Always report to the Instructor on duty. You will then be shown around Kratistos and informed about the safety rules and the training opportunities in Kratistos.


Individual workouts at Kratistos
Click here for the up-to-date Kratistos opening hours. There is always an instructor or supervisor in Kratistos. NB During the classes there is less space and equipment available to practise individually. 

Ground floor 

Free weights

The strength sports gym offers a wide variety of options for barbell practice, such as power lifting and weightlifting.  The gym boasts 2 weightlifting platforms, 6 squat stations, nearly 1,000 kg in  bumper plates, 14 spring steel barbells (different ones for women and for men) and 2 horizontal strength benches. There are also dumbbells varying from 1 to 40 kg, kettle bells from 8 to 28 kg, a number of utility benches and a plate loaded leg press.



The gym also offers facilities for strength training using your own body weight (calisthenics). In addition to an area for floor exercises, there is a free wall to practise handstands against and a calisthenics rack with lower and higher horizontal bars and dip bars. There is also a crossmaxx rig with monkey bars, rings, pull up bars and an extra wing.



You can work on your fitness by using the available concept rowing machines, ski ergometers and treadmills. The latter can also be used for an intensive resistance training. 


Explosive workout

The TANK is a very effective tool to be used in explosive workouts, both for pushing and pulling.  Jumping exercises can be practised on the soft plyo boxes, throwing exercises by using the slam balls and wall balls.


First floor
Here are the changing rooms, toilets and lockers. Please ensure your personal belongings are stored in a locker during the workouts. Bring your own padlock, which arm should be 5 – 7 mm to lock properly. The gym has a water station.


Kratistos classes:


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Uppsalalaan 7
3584 CT Utrecht


T. (030) 253 4471

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SKVU Obelix

SKVU Obelix is the Utrecht strength sports club established for and by students. Each week, our members participate in various enjoyable and fun training sessions. While different people may have different sports preferences, we all share a passion for strength sports.


In the evenings, we organize lessons in powerlifting, weightlifting, calisthenics, strongman and body building. These lessons are for beginners as well as for more advanced athletes and are of high quality. 


Throughout the year we organize multiple non-obligatory activities. These events include drinks and bbqs, but also our popular Bulkingfest. In addition, we hold sportsmanlike events such as the Biceps Games, Gripfest and the Obelix Games.


Next to the fun activities, we also offer guidance and support for all of our different sports for all levels. With our association, we try to join several competitions such as the Dutch Student Championships for Powerlifting (see picture). Obelix offers you the option to guide you through your first competition by personal training programs, coaching and practice competitions inside our association. It is also possible to get bodybuilding, powerlifiting and weightlifting coaching and schedules, all provided by our member experts.

Contribution (exclusive of the costs of the OlymPas)
€ 45 per year

More information
Secretary: Lisa Pap, E-mail:

Registration (Important!):


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Step 2 and 3 can be done online. If you’re already a member of this SSC, sign up below for this sports club for free by adding the registration to your shopping trolley. Do you wish to become a member, please first click here for more information and which steps you need to follow to register.


Uppsalalaan 7
3584 CT Utrecht


T. (030) 253 4471

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