Squash ladder

Sportcentrum Olympos now introduces an easy way to ‘connect with’ other squash player via mobile or computer. Just check who is available and add your own profile. 

Join the Olympos ladder competition and play a match at your own level every two weeks.

Sign up

Sign up for FREE with your valid OlymPas on www.sportconnexions.com/olympos or download the free app for iPhone and Android (enter ‘squash ladder’).

How does it work?

Every two weeks there will be a new competition and you will be invited by mail to play a match. You will be playing someone of your own level who you have not played in the last three competitions. The actual match day is based on the availability of both players.  

At the end of the competition the match results will be processed as follows:

  • You will change from ladder position if you beat someone with a higher ranking. 
  • You will be taken off the ladder if you fail to play twice in a row. 

Check the complete rules and scoring.

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