Tennis free sports

Tennis free sports

Play free tennis on one of Olympos' nine all-weather courts! Please make an online booking beforehand: to reserve a spot on a court and time slot you need a valid OlymPas. Don't you have one? When booking a time slot, you will automatically be offered an OlymPas day pass, month pass or year pass (payment via Ideal). 


Safety regulations

In order to play free tennis, you must adhere to the general Olympos rules. Please read these rules carefully before you come to Olympos. Bring your own racket and balls.


Please note:

  • Make sure you always have and can show your OlymPas with date sticker (with correct validity date).
  • Each player must also be able to show a personal reservation in a timeslot based on OlymPas annual card, monthly card or daily card on their phone (if you do not have a phone, we can look up your reservation at the Service Desk). 
  • Bring your own rackets and balls. We have limited availability of sports equipment at the Service Desk.


In the reservation schedule below you can reserve a court and time slot.


It is absolutely NOT allowed to play tennis without a personal online reservation in advance, even if you do have a valid OlymPas and you are with someone who has reserved a spot on that court.



  • Reservations must be made by at least two people, for a maximum of 1 hour (timeslot) per day. Each athlete must log on and make a reservation separately.
  • Agree with your tennis partner or partners that you reserve the same court in the same time slot online shortly after each other (to avoid someone else reserving the same time slot and court at the same time).
  • Reservations can be made from two days before the day on which you want to book a court / time slot.
  • If you do not have an OlymPas, you can purchase an OlymPas online for a day, month or year when booking a course and time slot. 
  • Book a tennis court only if you're sure you're coming to play tennis. Reimbursement of a day-pass is not possible. 
  • Cancel the court/timeslot if you are unable to come. You will all have to do this in order to prevent the courts from remaining unnecessarily booked up (by 1 person). Cancellation is possible via 'My Sports Overview' on this website (log in first). 


Opening hours tennis
Check the reservation schedule listed below for available time slots.  

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