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7-a-side League

The 7-a-side League is based on the KNVB’s 45+ League. Olympos hosts a spring 7-a-side league. Per league, a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 16 teams can play. The league season lasts about 7 weeks during which period the teams play about 7 matches. The matches are played on half an artificial turf pitch, with small goals, and according to the KNVB league rules. Matches last 2 times 25 minutes.

The 7-a-side League is open to everyone: teams of study friends, house mates, colleagues etc.


This information will be announced in mid-August.


There are two ways to register: by paying the team fee or by purchasing OlymPasses.


Registration with an Olympas
All players on the registration form need to purchase an OlymPas. With the OlymPas, on top of the 7-a-side competition, players are able to participate in group lessons, free sports (fitness, squash, tennis and beach volleyball), futsal competition, enrol into a course or make a reservation for free accommodation.

Attention: the registration of your team is complete when a minimum of seven persons have purchased the Olympas. If your team is not placed in the competition, you cannot get a restitution on the costs of the OlymPas. You can use the OlymPas for many other sports.


Registration by paying the team fee.

Registration can be done by paying a team fee. This fee is set at € 191 per team. There are no additional costs for the individual players. The amount of players in the team is unlimited, but all players do have to register. All players have to do so before the first match.

Checks will be done during the competition. Every participant without a registration or Olympas, has to immediately buy an OlymPas. This has to be an OlymPas day pass at minimum.

Match days
Matches are played on the artificial turf pitch on Fridays between 6.30 and 10.30 PM . Per league a maximum of 16 teams can play. As this is an internal league, all teams are requested to regularly help out with the refereeing of previous or following matches. Please note: to participate in the league your team MUST be present all match days.


  • Introduction players are allowed. They will have to buy an OlymPas day pass for €11 at the Service Desk before play. This day pass enables you to participate in all of the other sports in the OlymPas on that day as well.
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