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USFV Jungle-Speed

Floorball, also known as uni-hockey, is a fun, fast and challenging sport. It can be described as a hybrid form of ice-hockey and indoor-hockey, played with light-weight sticks and a plastic ball.

Training, league and other activities

As a member of USFV Jungle-Speed you can practice twice a week at Olympos and you have the opportunity to participate in two national competitions: big field competition (approximately every other week) and mixed small field competition (3 times per half year). In addition we offer lots of fun activities. We often stay in Sportcafé Olympos after practise, and have monthly drinks in the city and fun events. We also participate in various annual tournaments of other floorball clubs throughout the country.

Would you like to join a practice? Send an email to We train every Monday and Thursday evening (check our web site for current training  times).


Membership fees (exclusive OlymPas)

Base membership € 10.00 per year, € 6.00 per half a year*
1x per week practice € 25.00 per year, € 15.00 per half a year*
2x per week practice € 40.00 per year, € 24.00 per half a year*
Big field competition approx. € 90.00 per year
Small field competition approx. € 30.00 per half a year


*) If you want to become a member for a half a year you can't register with Olympos online, but have to indicate this at the service desk in person.


Further information




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Sportcentrum Olympos
Sportcentrum Olympos

Uppsalalaan 3

3584 CT Utrecht


T. (030) 253 4471


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