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HV Beertje

HV Beertje is the only real student handball club in Utrecht, officially established in October 1990. Since then we have grown as a club and we count more than 100 enthusiastic members. We have members of all levels, it does not matter whether you have been playing for years or have never seen a handball before, everyone is welcom!

Training and other activities 
HV Beertje practise every Tuesday and Friday evening at Olympos. After the training our members often like to stay for a drink at the Sports Café. Throughout the year, various activities take place: monthly drinks, the St Nicolas and Christmas celebrations, and other events such as laser gaming, dodge ball and the annual barbecue. Each year, we participate in a number of student handball tournaments, organised all over the country. We travel to various cities to enjoy both the handball activities and the partying with other clubs.


You can choose to play competition at our club. At the moment we have three competition teams. We have two women’s teams; one teams plays games in the weekend, the other during the week. We also have a men’s team, that also plays games in the weekend. All these teams play under the name HMS/Achilles, the regular club where we are connected with. We also have a large number of members that don’t play competition, but only join in at practice and come to the tournaments.

Membership fees (exclusive OlymPas)

Weekend competition women  € 125
Weekend competition men € 125
Midweek competition women € 115
Non-league member advanced € 37.50
Non-league member beginner € 37.50


Further information
Want to find out whether HV Beertje is the club for you? Feel free to join us during one of the training sessions! You are always welcome on a Tuesday evening. If you send an e-mail to they will inform you further. For more information also check our website:


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