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USIJV The Buccaneers

For over 25 years now, at the Utrecht Buccaneers students have been playing the fastest and most adrenaline-filled sports in the world: ice hockey. The Buccaneers have even been crowned the "2014/2015 most fun students sports club" during the students sports ball. This reputation is based in the various activities of the team:  from traditional drinks parties to skiing holidays and attending the ice hockey world championships. All these wonderful moments are shared by a tight community of men and women of many different nationalities, including Americans, Brits, Canadians, Czech, Slovaks and obviously some very ‘gezellige’ Dutch men and women.  

The team’s home base is the Overvecht ice rink, the ‘Vechtsebanen’. Each week, the Buccaneers come together at least twice to practice for upcoming games. The practices are organises by players with long-term experience in the first and premier Dutch ice hockey leagues, enabling the team to do very well during the matches. Playing in the competition games, however, is outranked by the real highlight of the season, the traditional participation in the National Student championships. A whole weekend of ice hockey battles, followed by some well-deserved relaxation. The result is a tournament during which the number of liters of beer being drunk far exceeds the number of hours slept while still allowing for some sportive highlights on the ice.  

Joining the Buccaneers means lots of fun, passion and the ambition to discover a new sport. Students can be introduced to the sport of ice hockey during the “rookie camp”. The rookie camp consists of three sessions at the start of het season, during which the sport’s basic techniques are being taught. Ice hockey equipment is made available by the team so experience is not a pre-requisite to join this camp. Participants in the rookie camp may eventually be asked to come and strengthen the team. Depending on the level of the new recruits, they may – first- participate in friendly rookie games to gain experience or directly be added to the competition team. In short, anyone joining the Buccaneers will be playing games from the start. 

Obviously you can also come and see some action without putting on your own skates straightaway. Visitors can watch the Buccaneers’ Sunday night matches for free, which is an ideal and fun way to end your weekend.  

Like the Buccaneers’ Facebook page to keep up to date with the team’s activities. If you wish to join the Buccaneers, visit our very accessible website or Facebook page

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