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Strength workout (individual practice - free sports) 

If you are an experienced free weights athlete and you attended the introductory lesson or the course Beginner Strength Workout you will be provided with access to the strength sports gym (Kratistos) so you can practise individually during the hours stated below. During these times there will be an instructor or supervisor available to help you or answer any questions. In order to get free access you will need a special access sticker on your OlymPas. You will obtain this sticker once you have successfully completed the course Beginner Strength Workout (mixed or for women only) or when you are able to demonstrate during the introductory lesson that you are a safe and responsible weights athlete. At different times, courses are offered in Kratistos. At these course moments, the space is limited available for free sports.


Individual strength workout hours  

Click here to go to he opening hours of Kratistos.


Free weights

The strength sports gym offers a wide variety of options for barbell practice, such as power lifting and weightlifting.  The gym boasts 2 weightlifting platforms, 6 squat stations, nearly 1,000 kg in  bumper plates, 14 spring steel barbells (different ones for women and for men) and 2 horizontal strength benches. There are also dumbbells varying from 1 to 40 kg, kettle bells from 8 to 28 kg, a number of utility benches and a plate loaded leg press.



The gym also offers facilities for strength training using your own body weight (calisthenics). In addition to an area for floor exercises, there is a free wall to practise handstands against and a calisthenics rack with lower and higher horizontal bars and dip bars. There is also a crossmaxx rig with monkey bars, rings, pull up bars and an extra wing.



You can work on your fitness by using the available concept rowing machines and treadmills. The latter can also be used for an intensive resistance training. 


Explosive workout

The TANK is a very effective tool to be used in explosive workouts, both for pushing and pulling.  Jumping exercises can be practised on the soft plyo boxes, throwing exercises by using the slam balls and wall balls.



Kratistos strength sports gym is situated in the parking garage (P+R De Uithof), right next to Olympos, the Kalymnos climbing wall and bus stop.


Courses in Kratistos

By paying a small extra fee you can participate in various courses at Kratistos. We offer the following courses:


Uppsalalaan 7
3584 CT Utrecht


T. (030) 253 4471

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SKVU Obelix

SKVU Obelix is the Utrecht strength sports club established for and by students. Each week, our members participate in various enjoyable and zealous training sessions. While different people may have different sports preferences, we all  share a passion for strength sports. Our members actively engage in power lifting, weight lifting, calisthenics, strongman, body building and fitness. 

During the day, various timeslots are available so you can practise individually. In the evenings, we offer various types of high-quality classes; our power lifting class, for instance, is provided by Dutch (Classic-84) champion Iris Kensenhuis. 


During the year, SKVU Obelix organises a range of non-obligatory events such as the annual Bulkfest, monthly drinks parties and various BBQs. In addition to these social activities we also provide professional coaching for the various strength sports disciplines through, among other things, training programmes, match coaching and dietary advice.  


Obelix-members train at the Olympos facilities, both at the Olympos and the Kratistos gym. 

Obelix offers you the opportunity to fully develop as a strength sports athlete. In addition to the group training and coaching, Obelix also provides courses and seminars about dietary advice, supplements, and setting up training programmes. Obelix organises monthly drinks parties as well as barbecues in summer. With a number of enthusiastic members, Obelix each year plans a training trip abroad including a variety of training sessions led by professional coaches each day. Strength competition athletes can also make use of the special match coaching and travel to matches together. 

Contribution (exclusive of the costs of the OlymPas)
Announced 1 February 2018.

More information
Secretary: Janna de Vos, E-mail:, Phone: 06 1458 1972


Want to become a member?

If you wish to become a member of this SSC, you will have to:

  • Pay membership fees to the club. The fees may differ per club. 
  • Own a valid OlymPas or Sports Club Card. If you’re in rate category A an OlymPas is required. If you’re in rate category B - student, you can choose between an OlymPas or the Sports Club Card. If you're in rate category B - staff or in category C it's not possible to become a member.
  • Register for free at Olympos as a member of you SSC.


Step 2 and 3 can be done online. If you’re already a member of this SSC, sign up below for this sports club for free by adding the registration to your shopping trolley. Do you wish to become a member, please first click here for more information and which steps you need to follow to register.


Uppsalalaan 7
3584 CT Utrecht


T. (030) 253 4471

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