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Domstad Devils

Lacrosse is a fast-growing sport in the Netherlands; in Utrecht too we now have two men’s and three women’s team that play at the highest levels. Are you interested in trying out the sport of Lacrosse? You are very welcome. Experience is not required and the Domstad Devils have most of the gear ready for you. Sticks up!


Practice and match days

The Domstad Devils practice every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 to 10 PM (Manitobadreef, Overvecht). Match days are on Sundays and take place all over the Netherlands! 


Membership fees 
€200 per year

Further information
For further information, please contact the secretary: or check:

Overvecht-Noord Sportpark
Overvecht-Noord Sportpark
Manitobadreef 4 
3565CH Utrecht 

T. (030) 286 2813

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Call the Service Desk at
(030) 253 4471
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