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Since 2007 the members of student gym club U-turn have been enthusiastically enjoying the practise sessions in their amazing, fully equipped gym hall in Utrecht. U-turn provides training at three levels: from beginners to top-level athletes. U-turn members can practise on four training days each week while being supervised by excellent instructors, allowing you to both enjoy the practice and achieve your goals. 


In addition to the gym activities, U-turn’s committees organise regular social activities, an introductory camp, skiing holidays, the club’s anniversary and club competitions, and publish the U-turn magazine.  


Together with gymnastics clubs from other cities, four national student competitions are organised each year: three all-round and one jump competition. These competitions are open to all levels and the parties afterwards are not to be missed!


Interested in joining a practice? Send an e-mail to U-turn (!


Yearly membership fees (exclusive OlymPas)

There are four training sessions per week, on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.

  whole season half a season
1 practice a week € 25.00 € 17.50
2 practices a week € 55.00 € 37.50
3 practices a week € 95.00 € 67.50
4 practices a week € 145.00 € 107.50


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Sporthal Nieuw Welgelegen
Sporthal Nieuw Welgelegen

Grebbeberglaan 13

3527 VX Utrecht

Duration Rate A B C & X  
Registration 20-21 whole year € 0.- € 0.- € 0.- Add  
Registration whole year 2021/22 € 0.- € 0.- € 0.- From 01 Aug
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