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In the overview below you find the SSCs in alphabetical order of the name of the sports club. If you’re already a member of a SSC, click on the name of your sports club and purchase your SSC via the red table at the bottom of the page. Do you wish to become a member, please first click here for more information and which steps you need to follow to register.


   Name SSC    Sport Internal or External
HV Beertje Handball Internal
RUS Rugby women Internal
SB Helios Badminton Internal
SBU Basketball (NBB-league) Internal
STUdance Classical ballet, jazz / modern / show / street dance Internal
S.K.V.U. Obelix Strength sports  Internal
TC de Uithof Tennis Internal
US Beat It  Squash  Internal
USAC Climbing, mountaineering and ski touring External
USBF Basketbal (internal league on Monday night) Internal
U.S.D.V. U Dance Ballroom dancing and salsa Internal
USFV Jungle-Speed Floorball Internal
U.S.H.C. Hockey Internal
USIJV the Buccaneers Ice-hockey External
USKV Hebbes Korfball Internal
U.S.R. Hippeia Horse riding External
U.S.R.S. Rugby men Internal
USSV Softijs Inline-skating and speed-skating External
UST Traiectum Table tennis Internal
USV Protos Volleyball (NeVoBo-league) Internal
U.S.V.V. Odysseus '91 Soccer Internal
USWV de Domrenner Cycle-racing, mountain biking and spinning External
USZ&WF Het Zinkstuk Swimming and water polo External
U-turn Utrecht Gymnastics External
V.S.R.C. Rugby veterinary students Internal
VV Van Slag Volleyball (internal league on Tuesday night) Internal

For the SSCs below you don't have to register and / or purchase an OlymPas.


   Name SSC   Sport
A.U.S.R. Orca Rowing
SPIN Boardsports Board sports
U.S. Histos Sailing and wind surfing
U.S.R. Triton Rowing


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