Elite Athletes' Programme

Olympos is an elite athlete-friendly sports centre, offering elite athletes the opportunity to use our facilities at very attractive rates. Elite athletes with A, HP, Selection or League status, as awarded by NOC*NSF, International Talents (IT) and National Talents (NT) can make use of the Olympos facilities free of charge. Athletes with a ‘Promising Talent’ status (Bel) are offered a discount, and only have to pay the students tariff (Rate category A) if they wish to make use of the facilities. The discounts apply to the full range of our sports programmes! 

Elite athletes making use of this special offer can apply for individual fitness coaching by our professionals. If so required, a tailor-made programme can be arranged.

Are you interested in the Olympos sports activities and facilities and do you want to enjoy our elite athlete benefits? Ask the VSU (Utrecht Sports Association) for a written statement describing your elite athlete status. Bring this statement to the Olympos Service Desk and register as an elite athlete in order to gain access to our sports activities and facilities at a discounted rate.

For more information, please check www.sportutrecht.nl/topsport.

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