Sports clinics Sunday 26 March

On Sunday 26 March at 10:30 AM, the sports buddies community will organise the first two clinics of the year! There will be a (kick)boxing clinic and a tennis clinic. Both clinics will be done simultaneously and will take up between 1 and 2 hours. 


Tennis clinic
The tennis clinic will be organised by the Utrecht student tennis club De Uithof! It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced player or a beginner, because you will be assigned to a group of people with your level. There will be a lot of fun games and exercises!


Kick boxing clinic
The (kick)boxing clinic will be organised by one of Olympos’ best martial arts instructors. For this clinic you also don’t need any skills, as the group will be divided between beginners and more experienced fighters. The beginners will be taught the basics of (kick)boxing, while the more experienced fighters can do complex combinations and some sparring exercises. 


If you join the tennis clinic and you have your own racket, make sure to bring it! You’re also advised to bring your own gloves to the (kick)boxing clinic, if you have them.


Registration is free and you don’t need an Olympos membership! The only requirement is that you’re a student of UU or HU or that you do a PhD. 
You can sign up here: 


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