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Fitness for Seniors

It appears that fitness positively contributes to a good physical and mental condition up to a ripe old age. Muscles, joints, tendons and bones remain strong and flexible for a longer time. Fitness also stimulates a more stable body weight, a lower fat percentage, a more healthy blood pressure and a steady heart rhythm. Moreover, fitness is a relatively safe activity and easy to partake in! 

For this reason, Sportcentrum Olympos offers a special fitness programme for seniors supervised by experienced and expert instructors. Participating as a group makes it even more fun and stimulating. 

Fitness for Seniors in short:
  • Take up fitness at Sportcentrum Olympos, twice a week (with an OlymPas you can participate in many more sports as well)
  • On Mondays and Thursdays, from 9.30 to 10.30 AM
  • A varied group fitness programme, specific to your own level  
  • Supervised by experienced and expert instructors
  • Special attention to your condition, strength, coordination and agility 

The Fitness for Seniors programme is offered all year-round, with the exception of the Christmas holidays. In summer a different schedule applies. You can join in at any moment; your OlymPas is valid from the moment of purchase. 

Olympos boasts a spacious fitness area with ample materials to cater for a varied programme. We have expert instructors that have a vast experience with fitness programmes and sports in general. They will be able to supervise your safe and effective participation. The Olympos Sports Café is a great place to socialize before and after being active.  

Purchase online

The OlymPas is required for the Fitness for Seniors programme. You can purchase the OlymPas at the Service Desk or online, payment through iDEAL. 

For further information, please contact Dirk Wijnalda (Fitness Coordinator) at d.wijnalda@olympos.nl.


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