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Purchasing an OlymPas

The advantages of the OlymPas

  • Nowhere else in Utrecht are students* able to be active at cheaper rates 
  • Nowhere else are you offered so many different activities through one single membership card (OlymPas)
  • Employees of many of our partner institutions can also benefit from a major discount: employees of Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, UMCU, Hubrecht Institute/Westerdijk Institute and the University of Humanistic Studies all can enjoy our sports programmes and facilities against rate category B (see below), employees of Genmab pay € 235.50 for the annual sports pass and GenDx staff do not pay anything at all. 
  • To the staff of other organisations at the Utrecht Science Park, rate category X applies
  • The OlymPas can be purchased at any time during the year; it is valid from the day of purchase
  • You can opt for an annual OlymPas, a one or multiple months OlymPas or for a day-pass 
  • You do not have to pay registration fees and no cancellation period applies 
  • Olympos boasts wide opening hours


*  Students of Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Utrecht School of the Arts and University of Humanistic studies + students of the Utrecht MBO institutions  (rate category A). 


Sports programmes with the OlymPas

Click here to view the full range of activities the OlymPas provides access to.


Rates OlymPas from 1 January 2023


Category Year Month Day
Rate category A* € 160 € 20.05 € 12
Rate category B* € 270 € 27 € 12
Rate category X* € 355.50 € 35.55 € 12
Rate category C* € 395 € 39.50 € 12


* Do you want to know which rate category (A, B, C or X) applies to you and what documents you will have to bring along when picking up your OlymPas from the Service Desk? Click here.


How to purchase the OlymPas?

The annual and monthly OlymPas can be purchased online via the red table at the bottom of this page (payment via iDEAL) or at the Service desk. The OlymPas Day pass can be purchased from the Service Desk at Olympos only (and not online!). 
Of course, you can also purchase your OlymPas from the Service Desk at Olympos. Please register first for free online www.olympos.nl/register. Then come to Olympos; you can pay by PIN or credit card at the Service Desk. Click here what documents you will have to bring along
You will have to have your OlymPas printed at the Service Desk. If you already possess an OlymPas and wish to extend it, do not forget to pick up the sticker with the new expiration date from the Service Desk. 
Duration Rate A B X C  
1 month
€ 20.05 € 27.- € 35.55 € 39.50 Add  
12 months
€ 160.- € 270.- € 355.50 € 395.- Add  
Call the Service Desk at
(030) 253 4471
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