Summer deal

Special deal only for employees: buy the OlymPas with a discount! 

Do you want to get to know Olympos? Or have you not had a valid OlymPas for over a year now? 

In August you can purchase the annual OlymPas at a discount and pay only € 220 for one year all-in sports (the regular rate is € 249,50)

Who can make use of this deal?

The summer deal applies to all employees of our partner institutions, i.e.: 

  • Utrecht University  
  • University of Applied Sciences Utrecht  (Hogeschool Utrecht)
  • University Medical Center Utrecht * 
  • Hubrecht Institute and Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute
  • University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU)
  • University of Humanistic Studies
You can only make use of this deal if you did not have an OlymPas before or at least not within the last 12 months (from 1 July 2016). 
* Partners of UMCU staff as well as  former UMCU staff and volunteers at UMCU can also make use of this deal.

Which options do I have within the summer deal?

  • Annual OlymPas at a discount: as from today until 31 August at the latest all employees of our partner institutions can purchase an annual pass at the discounted rate of €220. So 31 August is the last day you can purchase the annual pass against the summer deal discount.
What does the OlymPas offer me?

The OlymPas provides access to the wide range of activities at Olympos. A slightly adjusted programme applies to the summer period (as from 4 July). Click here to check the activities on offer this summer. Please check the website for more information about the current range of activities and schedules. 

The regular (and even wider) schedules will start again in September (11 September). Click here to get an impression.

How can I make use of the summer deal?

  • Come to the Service Desk and have the discounted annual OlymPas printed for you. 
  • Click here to check what you will have to bring along and show at the Service Desk (in order to prove that you are an employee of one of the above-mentioned partner institutions). Please register first online (for free) at
  • After the purchase of the discounted annual pass, your new OlymPas will be printed. Your OlymPas will be valid from that moment and allow you to make use of the activities and facilities. 
  • You will not have to pay any registration fees and your OlymPas will automatically expire at the end of the term of validity!  
  • If you want to join the gym but have little or no experience, please register for the free introductory lesson. You can make an appointment at the Service Desk or call (030) 253 4471.  
  • Below please check the conditions applying to the summer deal. 


  • Participation in the summer deal is free: you do not pay any registration fees and the OlymPas will automatically expire at the end of the term of validity 
  • This deal only applies to employees of the above-mentioned institutions who have not made use of the Olympos facilities before or whose OlymPas ran out before 1 July 2016. 
  • Also if you 'purchased' the free OlymPas for one month in July, you can make use of this additional offer to purchase the discounted annual OlymPas. This will provide you with access to all Olympos activities for 13 months at the discounted rate of €220. This means you only pay €16.90 per month.
  • This deal can only be arranged at the Service Desk (and not online). 
  • You can only purchase the discounted annual pass for  €220 no later than 31 August.
  • The OlymPas can be ‘purchased’ from the Service Desk each day during opening hours until the end of the summer deal period. The pass will be valid from the day of purchase. 
Opening hours
Olympos has extensive opening hours (also in summer) allowing you to easily combine your sport, work and personal schedules.  

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