USP Running practice for the half & full marathons

USP Running practice for the half and full marathons

Trainer: Dirk Wijnalda
Aim: To increase your running distance and pace when running long distances 

The running practice focuses specifically on improving your running stamina and your running efficiency at the longer distances. When running long distances, it is important to run efficiently at a stable pace and use of energy. Runners often start too rapidly or rather too carefully hoping to ensure a maximum result at the finish line. Gaining insight in your own capacity therefore is essential which is why in the running practice you work on your individual possibilities and limits. 

In general, the practice will consist of a short warming-up, followed by some standard strength, coordination and technique exercises. The core element of the practice is an elaborate running programme consisting of paced distances. The practice will conclude with a cooling-down, with ample room for questions and a task for your next practice session.  


This running practice is suitable for anyone who wants to run distances above 10 km.


The USP running practice for half and full marathons takes place weekly on Thursdays from 5.15 to 6.45 PM in periods of ten practices/weeks (Periods 1-4). You can register for and start the practices from the beginning of each separate period (subject to availability). You do not have to attend consecutive periods but can select the ones that fit your schedule best.


Registration and costs

Registration is possible via the red table below the running practice page. The practices are free of charge with an OlymPas.

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