Kalymnos Climbing Wall

Kalymnos Climbing Wall

Kalymnos Climbing Wall
Olympos now boasts an exciting new sports facility! At a unique location - directly against the new P+R multi-storey car park and right next to Olympos – a brand new climbing wall, christened ‘Kalymnos’ after the Greek island well known for its excellent climbing, has been erected. Not only Kalymnos’ location is unique; its design, construction and height are extraordinary too. Kalymnos consists of two concrete walls of which the higher one reaches a height of 30.8 metres, thus making it the highest climbing wall in the Central Netherlands. Halfway up, the higher wall is set at an 8 degrees angle. The lower wall (14.2 metres) is set at a 15 degrees angle. Both walls can be climbed from either side. 
In total, the walls allow for 20 ropes and a minimum of 40 different climbing routes. These routes will be regularly altered to allow for sufficient variety

Climbing at Olympos
Do you enjoy outdoor climbing? There are different ways to do this at Olympos: with the OlymPas, day pass (please note: A certificate of proficiency is required from the NKBV, the Royal Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Club) or by following a climbing course. We also offer the option to organise group activities at the climbing wall or to rent it out (partially). 

Climbing wall opening hours
The climbing wall is open the entire year round at the times stated below (different opening hours apply during public holidays). During winter (November-February) adjustments will be made to the schedule. Weather conditions or special climbing activities can lead to the closing of (a part of) the climbing wall. This will then be announced as soon as possible on this website, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Top rope (free climbing, required: NKBV Indoor Top Rope climbing proficiency certificate)
From November up to and including March ropes are hung out continiously. Toprope free climbing is possible during opening hours. 

Lead climbing (free climbing, required: Indoor lead climbing NKBV climbing proficiency certificate )

From November up to and including March lead climbing is only allowed with permission, send an email to Kalymnos@olympos.nl (day in advance, on friday for the weekend).

In case of a bad weather period we can decide to remove the ropes. To be sure, check the latest information on the climbing times.

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