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Dry tooling free sports

- Drytooling is possible in the period November - March -


Enjoy the our dry tooling facilities at Kalymnos, our outdoor climbing wall (> 31m) attached to P+R Utrecht Science Park. Part of the wall (14.2m) has been adapted for climbing with ice axes and crampons.
Prior booking of a timeslot is compulsory. In order to book a timeslot you will need a valid OlymPas. If you don’t have one, you will automatically be offered an OlymPas for a day, month or year (payment via iDeal). Check the rates.
Dry tooling at the Kalymnos Climbing Wall is open for independent adult climbers holding at least  an Indoor Lead Climbing proficiency certificate only. Without the NKBV climbing proficiency certificate you have NO access, so bring your certificate! If you do not have an official climbing skills certificate but sufficient climbing experience, you can sign up for a climbing skills test.


Rules of use and COVID safety regulations
In order to provide a safe environment it is important that everyone observes the rules of use, the COVID safety regulations, the general conditions applying to the Kalymnos climbing wall and the additional dry tooling conditions (available at the Service Desk. Make sure that you take note of all the regulations before you come to Olympos. Together we are able to ensure that everyone can play sports safely and responsibly.


Use the booking schedule below to book a dry tooling timeslot. 
Please note: if you want practise recreational climbing (toprope - free sports)  then go to this page and book your timeslot there!
Drytool workshop
Are you interested in attending a dry tooling workshop (at Olympos/Kalymnos)? Click here.


Booking a timeslot
  • You can book 1 dry tooling timeslot per day. Per timeslot, there is space available for 6 climbers. 
  • If you do not have an OlymPas, you can buy one (for a day, month or year) when booking the timeslot (online). 
  • Booking is possible from two days prior to the day of the specific timeslot.
  • By booking a timeslot, you automatically agree with the climbing conditions (see above). 
  • When registering you will have to sign the additional dry tooling conditions at the Service desk if you have not already done so. 
  • Only book a timeslot when you are sure that you will be able to make use of it. Reimbursement of a day-pass is not possible. 
  • If you are unable to come after all, cancel the booking via the Olympos website (‘My Sports Overview’) (log in first) so the timeslot will become available for other climbers. 
  • NB If you purchased the OlymPas in order to practise climbing but lack the required NKBV Climbing certificate, you will not be granted access to Kalymnos nor will you be entitled to a reimbursement.   

NB: No shoes or equipment will be available for rent for now.


For available timeslots check the table below. 

Day Date Time Level Instructor Maximum Booked Book
No offers
Call the Service Desk at
(030) 253 4471
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