Company Fitness: extra low prices with the OlymPas

As well as the discount already in effect (discount rate B), another sports discount applies to employees of Utrecht University with the OlymPas. This discount is valid at Olympos and is available under the Company Fitness Scheme. Please check below for a complete list of the sports you can participate in using your OlymPas.

OlymPas rates for Utrecht University employees (Rate category B)

OlymPas Category B
Year € 270.00
Month € 27.00


Even lower prices with the Company Fitness Scheme

The Company Fitness Scheme is part of the university’s Terms of Employment Multiple Choice Model. It enables Utrecht University employees to exchange their ‘sources’ (such as leave, salary, holiday pay, end-of-year bonus) tax-free for sporting activities that are covered by the scheme (see below). One such purpose is participating in sport at Olympos with the OlymPas. The tax-free reimbursement up to a maximum of €270 per year applies to the purchase of the OlymPas (à € 270 a year). For more information about the university's Company Fitness scheme, take a look at the university’s intranet.

Sports offered OlymPas: over 40 sports

Subject to availability, the OlymPas gives you flexible and unlimited access to:


An OlymPas can be purchased at the Service Desk or via this website and is valid from the day of purchase (click here and scroll down to the sales list at the bottom of the page). If you wish to use the Company Fitness Scheme, keep your till receipt (Service Desk) or the confirmation email you receive after you have made your purchase via the website. For more information about the conditions for submitting a claim to the university, take a look at the university intranet. Click here for information about what you will need to bring with you to purchase an OlymPas at the Service Desk and/or to have the Service Desk create an OlymPas for you.