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USP Running practice for all levels

Trainer: José van Dam 

Running is most fun in a group. It is far more stimulating to run in a group of enthusiastic students or collegues than to run alone. Even better, you will be running in the beautiful environment of the Amelisweerd Woods. There you will undergo an all-round training session with lots of variation in speed, distance, technique, bootcamp exercises etc. A wide range of aspects will be addressed such as condition, strength, speed, and your running technique. All of course within a sound and responsible framework, for this training is open to everyone, whether you are running for the first time or are an experienced runner. The training is given by a certified running coach (José van Dam) with extensive experience at all levels. So, put on your running shoes and start running! Attention: the group lesson starts by assembling in the main hall in front of the Service Desk at Olympos.


The USP running practice for all levels takes place from 12 September to 14 November 2017 (course period 1) weekly on Tuesdays from 6 to 7.30 PM.

Registration and costs

Registration is possible via the red table below the running practice page. The practices are free of charge with an OlymPas.

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